Saturday, November 14, 2015

Musing on Psalm 90

The citizenship that counts is not of the great empires of this earth but to be counted a citizen of God' kingdom and reborn by God's great grace. That we have been chosen to worship the Lord in Spirit and Truth is our greatest tresure.
The Lord is eternal and timeless. One thousand years are for him as a day. You are before and after all creation. From birth to death you are always the same. From creation to consumption you live.
Lord we suffer under your just wrath all of our days without the grace found in your salvation. Because of our rebellion all the days of our lives are toil and trouble. Our lives are short so we need to make sure we repent during these few days of our lives. Give us hearts of repentance and a hatred of sin.
Teach us then to recognize the shortness of life and live it wisely. Lord come now and have pity on us in your great grace found in the Messiah Jesus. Pour out upon us your steadfast and faithful compassion according to your promises of love. Grant that we find joy in your salvation and allow us to know that your unconditional and undeserved blessings upon us will be forever in your kingdom. The glroy we will share with you will make this season of struggle "East of Eden" seem like a small reality compared to the greatness of the gift of eternal life with YOU.
Show us the wonder of your works of salvation in Messiah Jesus and demonstrate your power that is at work in us by the Holy Spirit. Lord, may we live and breathe under your grace. Have abundant undeserved favor and be on our side in every circumstance. Let the efforts of our life be used to give you glory, help us receive from you good, and be of use to other people in understanding your compassion and mercy. Lord let our lives not be lived in vain. Lord have mercy. Amen

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