Saturday, January 2, 2016

Meditation on Ephesians 5:1-20

Lord, thank you for making me your beloved.  Help my lifestyle to reflect YOUR love for me as it was demonstrated by the Messiah Jesus suffering for my sake and giving HIS life a ransom for me. 

Lord, I live in a culture filled with sexual distortions, impurity, and greed.  I swim in a social ocean that is dominated by moral filthiness, words that harm instead of heal, and has an abundance of impurity in how everyone speaks.  Keep me from imitating these actions, attitudes or ways of speaking.  

Grant me humble purity from all that is spiritual cyanide.    For such a lifestyle is not a preparation for enjoying and knowing YOUR perfect KINGDOM of righteousness.  Help me not become deceived by clever arguments that want to justify things that cannot be justified.  Our culture is facing God's just judgment for all of these things.  

Lord, help me to be a fruitful partner with you in bringing your KINGDOM to earth.  Let me not become unequally yoked to the rebellious culture I live in.  Help me develop a lifestyle that reflects your righteous, merciful, and compassionate heart towards even those who reject your love and gospel.  

Lord show me what would please you.  Let me not join other in morally wrong actions just to be accepted by others.  Shine your light on me that I might see my transgressions against your LOVE and by your grace become purified of them.  Bring to me the substantial healing my soul needs. 

Awaken my soul and spirit this day and allow me to see clearly what I must do and what I should not do.  Provide me with moral clarity. 

Give me insight in how to have every hour of my day produce the fruit it can produce through me.  Make of me a fruitful vine.     

Let me not be tempted to escape the serious nature of my life through the culture diversions of fornication, misuse of alcohol and drugs, greed, and seeking to have power and control over others.  

Holy Spirit now come and take control of my body, mind, soul, and spirit.  Pour yourself into me that I might have the ability to do your will on the earth.  

Let me be ready to be in passionate participate in worship tomorrow and sing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs out of the core of my true self.   

Lord help me see all you have given me and in that vision of the greatness of your character, compassion, and competence allow my soul to experience true thanksgiving for all you have are and are doing.  

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