Friday, January 22, 2016

Meditation on Mark 7:31-37

Meditation on Mark 7:31-37
Lord, we cannot hear your word or speak your word. The impact of the rebellion against you has left us without 
power to understand or to proclaim your truth.
Come today. Touch us today. Open our ears. Open our mouths. Place your hands upon us and focus your attention. Without your touch we are powerless. Without your help we are hopeless.
Give to us the faith to believe that the unsolvable problems can be solved by our presence, passion, and power. Take our feeling of hopelessness away. Provide for us a greater vision of what you can do and will do.
Come to your people now and give us ears to hear and mouths to speak. Revive our ability to understand your love and share your love. Personally, touch us. Come and encounter us. Change us. Transform us.
Without YOU, we can do nothing, hear nothing, and speak nothing. Come now and save us for your glory. LORD come!

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