Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Meditation on Psalm 61 & 62

Meditation on Psalm 61 & 62

Lord, maker of heaven and earth, all-powerful and infinite, hear this prayer.  Please listen to me.  

In myself, I am worn out, tired, and without strength.  Lead me to find you as a place of refuge, energy, wisdom, and new perspective.   Lord be my strength and safety.  

Let me dwell in you as a refuge  Allow me to know that I am fully accepted by you because of your blood that was shed to set me free of condemnation.   Provide me a healthy and true love and fear of you.  

Help me to trust in your unending, sacrificial, and committed love for me.  Grant me peace in knowing that you keep all your promises to me.  

YOU, great redeemer and lover, are worthy of recognition, admiration, and infinite respect.  Let my heart praise you. 

LORD, only you can save me and provide for me stability.  Without you,  I have no hope.  I am before you in full dependence. 

Allow the enemy of my soul to be defeated and allow me to trust you during the worst of times.  All power belongs to you.  Nothing is impossible for you.  Act now to bring your salvation. 

LORD, YOU alone are my confidence and insurance.  Only YOU can save.  Have mercy and now save for your glory, my good, and that I might be of good to others. 

Lord have mercy, Messiah have mercy, LORD have mercy!  Amen

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