Sunday, February 21, 2016

Musings on Genesis 37:1-11

Genesis 37:1-11

LORD, how hard it is for us to accept your plans. They don't seem fair. We seem to have to accept things that are unacceptable. Your ways are not our ways. 

The family of Joseph could not accept what YOU had planned. Working through the heart of Jacob/Israel to favor him to encourage envious hate in his brothers. 

Even so when YOU came to us, LORD JESUS in the flesh and the FATHER clearly favored you above all others to be the MESSIAH, but we would not accept it. 

Why did we need a Savior? Why did we need a LORD? Why were YOU, LORD JESUS, needed? Were we not enough? Why do we need some KING to tell us what to do? Are we not all KINGS of our own souls? 

We cried out "We will not have the Messiah rule over us!" (Psalm 2:1-2)

Your prophecies made clear the Messiah had to come to save us from our sin by a suffering of hell fire for his people (Isaiah 53). Yet, we do not want to submit to these prophecies. The prophecies proclaim that every knee will bow. Yet, we do not bow. 

It is not fair. Why should we need YOU?

Lord, remove from me my self-sufficient and rebellious heart. Put in my heart repentance, acceptance, submission, and faith. Weaken and kill my self-righteousness and pride. Take from me the heart of Joseph's brothers, and help me see that I desperately need you. Amen

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