Friday, March 25, 2016




Humble and great King Jesus, you have come bringing righteousness and salvation. Your blood of the covenant has been shed that we will see your kingdom come to all nations. You have come to set the prisoners free, to restore us, and give us hope. 


Pour out on us today the spirit of grace that we may turn to you with sincere pleas of mercy for forgiveness for all that we have done against YOU and your kingdom. Give us tears of repentance this day. 

Grant Israel repentance that all Israel may be saved. Provide for them true faith in the true gospel of YOU, LORD Jesus, as their Messiah. 

Save Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Irag, Afghanistan, and Iran from the false teaching of Mohammad and open their eyes to the true gospel of YOUR great grace and sacrifice for the sins of believers. Bring a wave of real revival to the Middle East. Fulfill Isaiah 19:19-26 in our times. Lord have mercy. Exalt yourself among the nations. 


LORD Jesus, help me see you as the true fountain that alone can cleanse me from sin and uncleanness. Wash us and make us free of the guilt of our transgressions and the power of rebellion. Lord, revive, renew, restore, and reform us. 


Good Shepherd, you were struck down for my sins. Refine us that our impurities will be removed. Grant us the faith and grace to call upon your name in sincerity and truth. Call us your people. LORD Jesus, you are my God. 

Lord, revive me. Lord revive your Church. Lord turn back the darkness of lies and bring in the light of your life and truth. Come now and act in our times in ways beyond what we could ever hope. 

Lord have mercy. Amen

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