Thursday, June 30, 2016

Meditation on Romans 8:18-25

Meditation on Romans 8:18-25

Lord, what is real to me is the intense almost unbearable depth and pain of the present sufferings we face.  Many times it seems that some people suffer near hell like pain on this earth.  The intensity of that grief and agony is very real to me.   East of Eden is not an easy place to live.  

Yet, you now come and say to me that this intense agony is not worth comparing with the glory that will be ours when we see you.  The greatness of the joy of being in union and communion with you will far exceed the Grand Canyon depth of our pain.  Even as the universe is far bigger than the Grand Canyon so also will our experience of YOU bring fulfillment,peace, happiness,and fulfillment. 

This seems impossible to me.  It is beyond my imagination.  The pain of this life is real but the glory of the Kingdom with YOU, I only see dimly.  Help me see YOUR GLORY more clearly.  

Lord, help me hope in the full and expanded restoration of Eden.  Help me see that Eden is coming back on steroids and that the great potential of YOUR creation will be reached. Although now we face frustration and futility, yet when you return we will see fulfillment and success.  

We will before from death, decay, destruction, and disease.  We will be free of sin and stupidity.   Finally whole in the full potential and  power of our image-bearing humanity.  Free finally free.  

Lord, I groan to see the fulfillment come.  Afraid at times of all that will mean.  Afraid at times that it will not come quickly enough.   

YOU saved me for the purpose of sharing your glory, goodness, and grace upon me.  YOUR desire was for me to be in union and communion with you so that in that light I might reflect light perfectly and without blemish.  This is not yet here.  I will trust YOU great, good, and graceful living Father.   

Lord, increase my hope and help me to believe in the face of suffering.  Lord have mercy on us all.  

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