Friday, September 2, 2016

Prayer based on Psalm 25

Meditation on Psalm 25
Lord, I lift up my true self to YOU.  Help me to trust YOU!  Let me not fail in doing your kingdom work in my life.  Defeat the plans of the devil for my life.
True living LORD of Abraham, Moses, Peter, and Paul.   Let me know YOUR ways and instruct me in YOUR truth.  Let me escape the lies of my heart and the false life commandments that lead me into darkness. 
Save me now from myself. 
I trust YOU in the dark and when I have no answers.  
Remember me dear LORD in the mercy you gave on the cross when YOU paid for my sins.  Wash away and forget the many transgressions of my life because of your sacrifice for my sins.  LORD, help me live with the knowledge of the terrible impact that my moral failings have had on others.  Do not turn your steadfast love away from me for without it all my hope is gone. 
YOU are good LORD and teach me your ways.  You lead me to what is right and YOU have been more than faithful to me.  Help me be realistic about who I am and desire to be as faithful as I can be to YOU and YOUR promises.  
LORD, give me a right fear of YOU.  Pardon, my moral debt for it is great by YOUR great sacrifice on the cross.  Teach me to avoid wrong doing, wrong speaking, and wrong thinking.  LORD, thank you for calling me YOUR friend.  
Help me escape from the traps that have been set by the dark lord of evil, by the insane culture in which I live, and by my own deceived soul. 
Lord turn towards me and allow me to feel your presence.  You know the wounded condition of my heart and how my struggles seem large.  LORD, forgive my sins and renew my hope.  
Good and Great Savior, guard my soul!  I take refuge in YOU.  
Save YOUR Church out of her troubles and renew us in fresh faith and fire this day.  Amen

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