Thursday, December 31, 2015

Meditation on Amos 3:12-4:5

LORD, even when we fall into horrible sins you are there to guide us out of our insanity and save us from fully suffering the consequences of our moral failures and lack of love.  

LORD, when your DAY comes you will judge all false worship and bring to an end all idolatry.  TRUTH will rule all. 

LORD, when your DAY comes you will look upon those who oppressed others for their personal peace and happiness and cause them to face the harm they have caused.  As they have caused others to suffer without regard for the hurt they were doing, so now they will suffer, with no one to have empathy or care about them.  

LORD have mercy in the midst of righteous judgment.   

Let us not deny your DAY of righteous judgment is coming.  The DAY OF THE LORD must come.  Keep us from the foolishness that would seek salvation in idols and other things found in the creation.  Keep us from making small things great and great things small.  Keep us from pursuing more our addictions and false religions as things get difficult and instead, grant to us new minds and hearts that we may seek YOU and only YOU for our salvation and hope. 

LORD send to us a revival, renewal, restoration, and reformation.  Lord come now.  Amen

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Meditation on Psalm 93 & 96

LORD, you are the absolute and total ruler over every atom of the universe and are Eternal, everlasting, infinite, without limits in your wisdom, strength, goodness, or power.  Help me, and all the church be set aside to trust in what you have decreed and to live on the basis of that reality. 

Lord, I sing of your steadfast love and faithfulness this day.  Let all the earth be filled with your people being in awe of the greatness of your character, compassion, and competence.   Grant us the courage to tell others of your great salvation through your suffering on the cross.

Lord help us see that all other religions and explanations of life are worthless and are not worthy of worship.  Help us not depend on human leaders or governments to save us. 

Lord, send a revival, renewal, reformation, and restoration to all the families, cultures, and nations of the earth.  Open the eyes of all humanity to your wonder, greatness, and glory.  Let all the people acknowledge YOUR truth and love.   Let all the Kings of the earth come to kiss YOUR feet. 

Help us live in the light that a fair and just judgment day is coming in which you will hold every person morally responsible for their deeds.  Grant us forgiveness in YOUR sacrifice and resurrection but with a deep desire to repent of our morally evil ways and lack of love.

Allow us to proclaim that YOU LORD, are the ruler of all things and that your KINGDOM will be fully manifested on the earth.  Eden will be restored on steroids.  A new heaven and earth in which righteousness will dwell will be seen. 

LORD, you are slow in bringing judgment because you await all nations and cultures to repent.  Provide massive repentance in each of our hearts and also in every culture and community on the planet.  Rain down on us repentance.   Take from us our hearts of stone and make of them hearts of tender and sensitive flesh.  Lord, save us!  Be glorified in our salvation and not in our just destruction.  Lord, have mercy.   Amen

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Meditation on Psalm 2 and 85

Lord, all of us have gone astray and rebelled against your loving rule.  Not only as individuals, but as families, clans, communities, nations, and cultures we have rejected your authority and wisdom.  We have defined freedom as being free of YOU.

Lord, you cry a sad and mournful laugh at our foolishness.  A laughter of frustration and amazement at our arrogance and pride to think that we could defeat YOU.  Clearly we do not know who we are and have no idea of who YOU are when we rebel.  

YOUR answer to our rejection of YOU is to send us KING Messiah Jesus to save us from our rebellion and restore your KINGDOM to us that we might know the joy of your rule over us.   You have decreed that God the Son will become the Son of God, break our rebellion, and rule over all humanity forever and ever. 

Help us now be wise as individuals, families, clans, communities, nations, and cultures and surrender to the LORD KING Jesus with respect and in the joy that we have been given the KINGDOM back as a gift of grace.  

Holy Spirit come and give us a deep and passionate love for the SON that we may find our refuge and hope in HIM alone. 

Restore to us the wonder and awe of your love.  YOU have justly forgiven our sins in Messiah Jesus.  YOU have taken away your just wrath from us due to HIS sacrifice for us.  

Restore us and revive us.  Show to us your steadfast love and help us be delivered from all the lies of the cultures in which we live.  Speak to us with a WORD of power in this generation and bring to us the peace that goes beyond understanding.  Help us to relate in godly fear and faith towards YOU today!  

Help us see that in the Messiah Jesus you have brought together your unending committed passionate love and your holy steadfast unchanging goodness.  In the Messiah, you now are moving forward in our day to see your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  

Lord restore and revive your people in this day. Amen

Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Meditation on Luke 1:26-38

Meditation on Luke 1:26-38

Creator God and Great Redeemer, you chose a virgin named Mary to be your faith partner in bringing into history your promise of Salvation.   The SON choose to be born of HIS mother instead of a mother and father choosing to give birth to a child.  

Lord let the reality of your commitment to us by this coming in the flesh to dwell with us provide us hope to not be afraid.  Help us see you have come to be our Savior, our Deliverer, our Joshua.  May this give us confidence in your compassion and grace for us. 

In your commitment to us, you will win for us a kingdom that will never end.  A return of Eden on steroids.  A renewed heaven and earth in which things are done right and out of which your great peace and Shalom flow.  The end of the curse and the full experience of your blessing.  

Lord, how can all this be?  

Nothing is impossible for YOU!  Oh, all controlling and powerful SPIRIT HOLY, come now upon us and give us vision and faith in your great love for us found in our LORD Jesus.  Overshadow us and take control of every fiber of our being.  Allow the character and compassion of the risen Messiah to be born in us this day anew.   Let is be to us according to the WORD your promise.   

Let Christ be seen in us this day.  Amen

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Meditations upon Psalm 72

LORD Messiah Jesus, may you continue to provide justice and righteousness to your people. Help us to bring to the poor protection and deliverance to those oppressed and in need. 

Take from those who exploit and hurt the innocent the power to bring such terror to them. Convert or cripple those who do harm to the poor. 

Help us to bring your gospel to the poor in spirit and those lost in the darkness of false teaching. 

Raise up leaders who will reflect your righteousness and be peacemakers upon the earth. Shower upon us, abundant grace by sending us righteous governments, revival, reformation, and renewal.

Lord Messiah allow your gospel to go to all nations, cultures, and people. Allow the power of your gospel to become transforming in individual lives, families, communities, and nations. May all human authorities be deeply influenced by YOU and seek to do your will on earth as in heaven. Your kingdom come and your will be done on earth as in heaven. 

Grant that our leaders at every level of authority would provide the poor with justice in the courts and compassion in their suffering. May those in bondage be delivered and freed. Allow your people to care about the lives of those who are most vulnerable and week. Lord, help us understand that aborting children for personal peace and prosperity are not your will. Protect the unborn Lord.

Lord, may all peoples seek your salvation and truth. May your fame fill the earth. Cause all peoples and cultures to be blessed by your great grace. Fill the earth with the true knowledge of you. 

May you find pleasure and joy in your people. For you alone do wonderous things in all creation. May the whole earth be saturated with the true revelation of your character, compassion and competence. Cause every tongue around the world bring to your worship in spirit and truth. Lord be glorified. Amen

Lord, allow your gospel to transform me in new ways. 

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Meditation on 2 Peter 2:1-10

Lord, protect your people from false teachers and destructive deceptions. Allow the people to recognize the danger of leading people astray and awaken them to the truth in Messiah Jesus. 

Good Lord, help me to understand that you know how to save the godly under trials and place those who will not repent under your punishment. You have brought angels under just judgment, destroyed the ancient world in the flood, and turned Sodom/Gomorrah into ashes. You have spared faithful Noah and righteous Lot in the middle of days filled with your righteous destruction of rebellious and morally evil cultures. 

Lord, guard my heart against all rebellion and grant me a thirst for righteousness inspired by a response to your great redemption. Lord, I believe, provide to me more faith to overcome all my unbelief by your grace. Amen

Friday, December 18, 2015

Meditation on 2 Peter 1:12-21

Lord, help me remember that the only wise life is to live out commitment to your gospel through acts of grace-filled love.

Help me live today in light that I will die and only have this short sojourn to try to make every effort to encourage trust in you and the truth of your sacrifice for our sins. 

Lord, you have not called us to follow clever myths and false stories that inspire faith and hope.  You have given to us evidence by the witness of people who beheld your glory and prophecies of your coming into the world that help us see that all that happened in your sojourn during your incarnation was in fact an invasion of your redeeming love into this dark world.   Help me meditate upon the evidence that you have provided that my trust in your truth may grow.  

Help me to see and understand your word today as a special gift of grace to me inspired by your Spirit through the agency of chosen men.  Lord allow me to be able to respond to your word in a faithful way.  

Lord thank you for the truth I know and help me understand more of the truth.  Amen

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Meditation on 1 Peter 1:1-11

LORD, Jesus you are my God and Savior.

Provide for me the mercy, favor, and right relationship with you by the knowledge of the gospel and the experience of your reality in my soul. 

You have given to me the energy and ability to live life in a manner that reflects your character and competence.  YOU have invited me by your irresistible power to be your child and follower that all the world might see the wonder of your amazing compassion and transforming power.  

Your gospel promises which are precious and great, grant me the ability to experience and know the fellowship of the HOLY SPIRIT in me and allow me to not be dominated from the spiritual cancer of the culture in which I live, which is founded upon rebellion against your kingdom.  

Lord, add to my trust and reliance upon you as my one hope of salvation, a passion for living a sane, stable, and spiritual life, provide me the knowledge of your truth to such an extent that it will allow me to have self-control over wrong passions and thoughts.   Give to me a steady discipline of life that will allow me to be consistently reflecting your gospel love guided by your wise law as I am empowered by YOUR SPIRIT within me.   Give to me the care and concern for others that you have for them.   Let me see you more clearly LORD, that I might love you more dearly, and follow you more nearly.  

Lord, allow your faith in me produce glory for you, good to my soul, and good to all who I touch.   Help me not be ineffective or unfruitful in my relationship with YOU.  

Take away from me my focus only on temporary things and give me a mind that remembers eternity.  Help me not forget your great sacrifice that was required to cleanse me of my sins. 

Help me this day to be focused, sober, and consistent in being what you have desired me to be for all eternity.  Keep me from falling into error and help me to experience true discipleship.  

LORD, have mercy now upon me.  LORD, be glorified in my justification, my sanctification, and my glorification.  Reflect in my life your grace, mercy, and love.  

Thank you Lord for your great work of salvation and deliverance.  Amen

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Meditation on Isaiah 8:16-9:1

Lord, let me be bound to what you have said and to your teachings.  Grant that I may be a true disciple.  Help me to trust you in the dark and when there seems to be no sign of your activity around me.  Grant that I will patiently wait for you to act in a way consistent with your love and promises, knowing that you cannot fail.  When you seem far away let me know that you are near.  

Keep me away from seeking insight or power other than in you alone.  Help me not replace YOU in my life with some illusion or false promise.  Let me seek wisdom from you in prayer and not from the culture around me or from a false god.   Those who do not speak out of your WORD, are without true light or understanding about the most vital of issues.  Save me from the way of rebellion and spiritual distress.  Help me to dwell in light and not be lost to darkness. 

May my light be YOU, LORD Jesus.  May you be the incarnation of every promise from God to me.  Help me to be your true disciple this day.   Amen 

Monday, December 14, 2015

Lord come to us now

True and Eternal Spirit, maker of all the universe and KING of the cosmos help me this day to be aware that you are over me, under me, around me, and in me.  Let the illusion of a secular world fade away and my connection to eternity be felt.

God of Abraham, David, and Paul, hear my heart this day as I seek for words to express my inner soul and spirit to you.  Help me know myself that I might tell you truly of my desires.

Lord, you are STRENGTH so come to me in my weakness.

Lord, you are WISDOM so come to me in my confusion.

Lord, you are LOVE so come to me in my indifference.

Comfort my broken heart and lonely soul this day and allow your presence be a help to me in my loss.

Allow what I do today not be in vain, but have some impact for good for your kingdom.

Help your Church to revive, renew, and reform.

Help me to revive, renew, and reform.

Open the eyes of the blind, allow the deaf to hear, and replace the hearts of stone with hearts of flesh.

Come HOLY SPIRIT and let us see LORD JESUS!


Sunday, December 13, 2015

Meditation on Psalm 63 & 98

Lord, help me have a deep desire for YOU.  Let an experience of you be more vital to me than my breath.  

I have looked for you by meditating upon the suffering of Messiah Jesus and HIS resurrection from the dead.  There I see your faithful and eternal love, and the blood-promises you have made to me without condition.    This causes me to be in awe of your love and I feel great gratitude for your sacrificial and painful salvation of my life.  

You are my help and I find courage under your protection and that you uphold me.    You are my KING and my hope.

The fall has been overcome through the victory of the Lord Jesus.  Salvation has come through him.   HIS great salvation is reaching all the nations.  The whole earth is being filled with praise of the great redemption that the Lord Jesus has brought to us.   

Lord come quickly and fill the earth with your righteousness, justice, and mercy.   Amen

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Meditation on Psalm 30 & 32.

Lord, you have saved me from the desires of the dark lord and given me life, instead of death.  YOU heard my cries for help and restored me.    

I sing to you, my KING and FRIEND.   YOU have turned my weeping into the JOY of knowing you have had mercy and compassion on me.  

LORD, you will allow me to never be moved from your acceptance and love.  LORD, be merciful to me and my helper.  Help me to find in you gladness even in the midst of my mourning. 

Eternal lover of my soul, in the suffering of the Messiah Jesus, you have forgiven my grave and serious moral transgressions and covered my lack of love with your love.  

Bring to me a deeper and more true conviction and confession of my sins that I might love you more for your abundant grace that has forgiven me.  

Be the place that I go when I am afraid.  Be my safe place.  My refuge at my darkest hours.  Get me through my worst of times.  Help me hear the promises of your gospel when my troubles are the worst. 

Instruct and counsel me LORD.  Grant that I will listen and submit to your SPIRIT and WORD.   Surround me with your unfailing blood-promises and assurance of your unending passion for my soul.  

Allow me LORD to feel gladness and joy as I remember all you have done and are doing.   

YOUR kingdom come!  YOUR will be done!  Come quickly, LORD Jesus.  

Lord have mercy.  Amen

Friday, December 11, 2015

Wait on the Lord - Meditation on Psalm 31

Lord, you are my safe hiding place and my one hope of not wasting my life.   Be for me a secure foundation and strong fortress in which I will not be lost to my fears and foes. 

Lord, you are faithful and have allowed me to led by your Spirit out of the ways of danger and into the path of life. 

I commit my life and future into your hands and remember that you have died and suffered for the salvation of my soul.  You have been faithful to me even when I have been faithless.  

At my most painful times, you have been with me.  You have not hidden your face from me at my worst moments.  

Lord, pour your mercy, compassion, long-suffering, and grace on me for I face a time of grief and sorrow.  My soul is sighing and my strength seems far from me.  Lift me up and carry me through this time.  

Thank you for the many who have helped me in my life.  Allow me to not fail to see your presence in them.  

Allow me to experience and know your presence and peace this day.  Out of this grant that I may become an agent of peace in the lives of others.  

Help me see the abundant goodness you have provided me in your coming to me and paying for my sins upon the cross and now interceding for me moment by moment before the throne of grace.  Lord, thank you for loving my heart and soul so much.  

Help me to love you with all my heart as I begin to see all that you have done for me.  Help me to wait upon YOU in the middle of all my struggles.  Lord have mercy and help me grow in my faith.  

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Meditation on Psalm 37

Lord, help me not worry and be anxious about people who plan and perform dark deeds of immorality and hatred.  

Remind me that they will fade and wither and your truth will endure to all generations.  

Help me to rely on you this day and seek to do acts of loving kindness to all that I meet today.   Make me a friend of that which is sane, stable, and spiritual in my life this day.  

Give me a vision of you that fills me with joy,   Allow the desires of my heart to be in line with the wise and loving desires of your heart.

Lord, act now in my life and let your will be done through me this day.  I give to you my words, actions, and attitudes to use for kingdom good.

Bring your light to my life.

Allow me to find rest and refuge in you and grant me patience and peace.   Keep my heart from fear due to the injustice and insanity that seems to dominate everything "East of Eden".  

Keep me from frustration and bitter anger.   These can only lead to  evil.  Help me to trust in your sovereign plan working everything towards the eventual good.  

You will cause the proud to be defeated and the humble to prevail. 

Raise up the peacemakers and let us delight in seeing all things reconciled to your kingdom plan.

Those who hate and abuse will be defeated and judged, but those who seek the ways of the Lord in peace and love will remain forever in your presence.   

Help me keep in mind LORD,  your full and final victory.   

Lord have mercy.  Amen

Lord, in our darkness we cry to you!

Eternal one who dwells in my heart.  Awaken me today to your presence.  Enable me this day to experience you and find my center in you.  God of Abraham, David, and Paul, true Creator and Redeemer, I pray to you and seek you now.  Focus my spirit upon you and you alone.

You have come incarnate in the Lord Messiah Jesus.  God in flesh appearing.  The Miracle of miracles.  Lord, you humbled yourself to save us.   You sacrificed the security of heaven to suffer the harsh hatred of earth.   Open my heart that I might respond to this reality with proper awe and love. 

Lord, there are many struggling people and families at this moment.  Some are struggling from persecution and are refugees from terror, others face medical problems that seem overwhelming, still others are walking through the valley of the shadow of death, some souls are living in deep depression, many need a revival and renewal of faith and others need peace to come to their most cherished relationships.  

Lord have mercy and watch over us as the Good Shepherd. Lord come to us this day in that way we must need.  You who know us best, come us with that which is really our greatest desire.   Lord have mercy. 

Raise up for us leaders of character and competence that will have wisdom and insight during these times of fear and uncertainty.  We do not deserve such leadership.  But provide it as a gift to us now.  Use them to lead us back to a sane and stable path.  Lord have mercy on us all.  

Renew and revive your people's faith and love.  Holy Spirit, come upon us in truth and compassion.  Control us and use us to be effective in this generation to live the gospel in a wise way before a watching culture.  Show us how to bear witness to the world. 

Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy, Lord have mercy.  Amen

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Living Lord hear our cries

Living Lord of all creation, maker of all things, source of life, eternal living truth, lover of souls, Judge of all the earth, and the One and Only Savior, hear now our prayer to YOU in your grace, mercy, and compassion according to your promises in the gospel of peace.  

We confess that we have fallen far short of our potential to love YOU and others.   Our actions have been all too often short-sighted, self-centered, and filled with self-righteousness.  We have abuse others that we might have power and control over them to feel secure and feed our pride.  

Lord, on the basis of your perfect suffering for our sins on the cross, now forgive us these immoral attitudes and actions.   Cleanse us of our deep darkness.  Take from us the heart of stone and put into us a sensitive conscience and awakened soul.  Renew, revive and restore us to being sane, stable, and spiritual so that we might glorify you, be in a state of inner health, and be equipped to actually help others as well this day.  

Durning these holy days set apart to remember your provision of salvation and great love for us by leaving heaven to come to earth as in Messiah Jesus awaken our vision of your LOVE that we might have love for you.  Help us not be drowned in the hurry and stress of our culture and instead find a place to separate ourselves to seeking you and opening our hearts to you. 

Let us know your joy by reflecting upon your love for us.

Good Shephard, lead us through these days and comfort us in our sorrow over things we have lost and provide for us fresh vision about things we should strive to gain for your glory.  Lord fill us now with your Spirit because we can do nothing without you.  

Lord have mercy, Messiah have mercy, Lord have mercy.  Amen

Monday, December 7, 2015

Into your hands we deliver the holidays

Living Eternal Incarnate WORD, open my eyes to see you more clearly and in that vision provide me a greater trust in YOU.  

Open my heart to have awe and wonder at your greatness.  Help me see the significance of your being in the womb of Mary.  Help my heart and mind be astonished at a love that would have you leave heaven and actually become flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone.  Coming east of Eden in the real form of a servant.  You have come to win us back out of death and into life.  

The holidays are a mixture of things.  They remind me, Lord of the past, when you came in great passion and humility to bring us salvation.  Memories of past holidays where the family was together. The present which is a mixture of sadness and joy; fulfillment and loss, and celebration with tears. The hope of another year and the potential of much good in that year and the fear of new losses.  Lord, help me manage all these feelings and bring them to you to help me as I experience them. 

Grant that this coming year may be one of great effectiveness and impact of your love and truth in the lives of many.  Help us have fruitful labor for your kingdom.  Help us Lord, endure the pain of this fallen world and continue to have hope in the new world to come.  Lord have mercy on us we pray.  

Lord have mercy, Messiah have mercy, Lord have mercy.  Amen

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Meditations on Psalm 20,21

Lord, hear my prayer and be my protection in the days when I find myself in the most trouble.  Be my helper, supporter, and shield.  Have mercy on me and give me your unconditional support at my weakest moment.

Lord, grant me the maximum fruitfulness that can come from my life from this moment to the time of my homecoming at my death.   Fill me with joy that you will keep my life from being spent in vain and provide for me a wonder of your grace when I see you face to face.  Lord, in you,is the victory!

Lord, save your people and answer their cries. 

Lord and King Messiah, you have the keys to the kingdom and have conquered death.  You have made a blood promise of eternal love and will never change in your full dedication to crushing the head of the devil, overcome the lies of the rebellious culture, and put to death the unbelief which is still alive in my heart.   Let me experience your salvation and victory today in my life.   

Let all the earth see your greatness Messiah Jesus and be awed by your infinite power.  Lord have mercy and give us the vision to see you as great, good, and full of grace.  Amen

Friday, December 4, 2015

Meditation on Psalm 16 & 17

Preserve my faith, hope, and love this day.  Let me find a shelter in your promises Lord.  You are the source of all good in me.  Be the Master of my heart, head, and hands.  

Let me be encouraged by those who walk consistently lives worthy of the gospel.  Grant to me the ability to see your work in the lives of your people. 

Purify my heart of all idols.  Let me not make anything in my life an ultimate concern but YOU and YOU alone.  

Remind me of the wonder of your eternal kingdom and that it is my promised home.  In light of the glory and goodness of your presence let me place this present life in right perspective.  

Guide me moment by moment.  Holy Spirit, speak to me in my deepest part of my being the truth of the gospel that I might live by the TRUTH.   Help me not give in to fear but fill my heart with trust in your promises.  Remind me of the reality and power of your resurrection as a firm rational foundation for faith. 

Show me the lifestyle that will produce the most awareness of your presence, experience of your joy, and effectiveness for your kingdom.  

Lord, defend the innocent and oppressed this day.  Allow those given to violence to lose their ability to do harm.  Cripple and convert those who attempt to bring terror and death to the innocent.  

Grant that I will be a peacemaker.  Provide me a hunger and thirst for righteousness.  Help me not lose my focus on striving to live a life worthy of the gospel. 

Lord, be my refuge this day and help me not feel overwhelmed with what must be faced and done.  Hear my cry to you and respond with concrete help.  Open my eyes to see the faithfulness and greatness of your love. 

Help me know that nothing can separate me from your passionate love for me in the gospel of grace.   Hide me in your mercy and love.  

Defend me from the dark lord who like a lion wanting to devour my soul and bring your victory at the cross to make the darkness flee from me.  Give me the wisdom to not give in to temptation.  Give me a love for living right.   

Help me see your face more clearly today, allow me to be deeply fulfilled by your likeness, and help my heart respond in love while my lifestyle is one of consistently following you.  Lord have mercy us my life for good.  Amen

Thursday, December 3, 2015

"Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace.
Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
Where there is injury, pardon;
Where there is doubt, faith;
Where there is despair, hope;
Where there is darkness, light;
Where there is sadness, joy.

O divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek
To be consoled as to console,
To be understood as to understand,
To be loved as to love;
For it is in giving that we receive;
It is in because we are pardoned that we pardon;

It is in dying to self that we are become your presence on earth."

My version of the "Peace Prayer"

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Meditation on Psalm 119:1-24

LORD, of Abraham, David, and Paul may you be honored for giving us the gift of developing lifestyles based the healthy principles of your law and gospel.  

Allow me to seek you with all my heart and guard the salvation history of your WORD in my soul.   You have given us true revelation that we might respond to it in faith and develop our way of life from its wisdom.   Help me be consistent in applying the Scriptures to my life.  

Lord, I will strive to follow your WORD, help me feel your presence close to me moment by moment.  Forgive me when I fall short.  

Lord, help me to keep my ways pure, seek you above everything else, have a good memory that will bring to mind your great truths, help me to meditate and focus all my attention on the TRUTH you have given me and have true joy in learning your WORD. 

Provide me the strength and ability to be able to understand and apply your law and gospel into my daily words and actions.  Help me to have a deep desire to have a deeper and more profound comprehension of the Scriptures.  Let your WORDS be my counselors today.   Amen 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Meditation on Psalm 5 & 6

Lord, hear the deep cries of my heart. 

Lord, you do not delight or take pleasure in the insane rebellion of humanity towards YOU and your KINGDOM.  Lord, convert and cripple Isis for they are bloodthirsty and follow a lie.  

Pour out your eternal and blood-bought promises upon us and lead us into a lifestyle of loving right relationships.  Allow me to see the right decisions I need to make in order to do your will upon the earth. 

Help me to take my refuge in you and know your joy today.  Be our shield this day against all the plans of the forces of darkness.  

Lord, do not send me away but embrace me this day as I see the trouble that lies ahead.  How long Lord before I can see YOUR path through all the problems I face?

For the sake of your blood-bought loving promises come now and show me the path of your righteousness.  

Lord, comfort me for my sorrow is deep and overwhelming.  Be my helper this day. 

Thank You Lord for hearing my cries.  Amen