Sunday, August 28, 2016

Prayer based on Galatians 5:16-24

Meditation on Galatians 5:16-24

Lord, today allow me to experience in my lifestyle and my existence the gift of the Holy Spirit that YOU gave me as a sign of YOUR victory on the cross and resurrection.  

Allow not just the doctrine of the Spirit be known in my mind but the reality of the actual presence of the Spirit be felt in the deepest aspects of my soul.  Let me not just have a theory of the Holy Spirit but let me have the actual experience of the Holy Spirit in my life.  Lord have mercy. 

Lord, my unbelieving, self-centered, and immoral mind would want to find satisfaction in dark desires that offer gain but only produce death.  Help me not believe the lie that I can sin to win.   Help me hear the Spirit within me that preaches the gospel of YOUR sacrifice and grace to me that opposes all this insanity.  Lord, save me from my insane unbelief.  Deliver me from my pride.  Help me accomplish the good deeds YOU desire for my life to produce.  Don't allow my life to be in vain. 

Have mercy on me and because of YOUR great grace and sacrifice upon the cross allow me to enter YOUR kingdom although I am unworthy. 
Lord, everything I need to succeed is simply in having the HOLY SPIRIT bear the fruit of love in my heart and mind.  So simple and yet so complex.  
This experience I desire.  

To have your SPIRIT flow life in me and out of me to bear fruit.  I can do nothing without you.  I am 100% dependent on YOU to bear this fruit of love in me.  Flood my life with your SPIRIT I beg YOU.  Flood YOUR church, all of us with YOUR SPIRIT now this day.  Without this we are nothing.  With this we are everything.  Teach us how to bear YOUR fruit.  Teach me how to bear YOUR fruit.  

Crucify my unbelief and it dark energy and hunger.  Crucify my unbelieving soul  Show me how to crucify the follower of Adam in me.  
Lord, help me see YOU more clearly, that I may love YOU more dearly, and follow YOU more nearly, day by day.    Amen

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