Sunday, August 30, 2015

Lord of storm and rain, help me!

Lord of storm and rain.  Help me to see your power as greater than my power.  Simple reality but my heart can deny even these most basic truths.  Let me be humble enough to see myself as who you have made me and wise enough not to consider myself more than I really am.  

Lord today produce in me an ability to worship you in Spirit, passion, integrity, and Truth.  May your true character and competence be revealed in my praise, prayers, and pondering before you in corporate fellowship with other believes in the gospel.  Help us now to find in you ultimate and transforming worth.  

Lord I deliver to you my fears, struggles, doubts, and needs.  Come now and help me rest in your great sacrificial and atoning act of love upon the cross.  Amen 

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Lord of Love come to me now!

Lord of love come now to me and let me know you are embracing me in your love today because of your sacrifice long ago.  

Help me to become of the idols that desire to control my heart.  Help me not give in to the dark feelings that can overcome me.  

Open my eyes to see you more clearly and in this vision allow me to passionately fall in love more and more deeply with you.  Grant this love to be expressed in my words and actions.   Let me abandon my self righteousness and pride for humble reliance upon your transforming grace.  

Lord, help me worship you today.  To actually see your worth.  To seek your presence because I see the value of just being with before your face.  Amen 

Friday, August 28, 2015

Prayer For A Spiritual Awakening

You who always have been and always will be and who today fills every space and time with your powerful and peaceful presence allow my dull mind, heart, and spirit become aware of you.  I am swimming in YOUR reality and you are before me, behind me, under me, over me, and in me as I breathe.   You will never leave me or forsake me.  You love me more than my small poor heart can begin to measure or feel.  Let me now be before you with boldness, confidence, and trust. YOU are an awesome and true GOD.  

This day move to renew, restore, reform, and revive your community of believers so that we will live in a way that is worthy of your great gospel of sacrificial, unconditional, costly, righteous, wild love.  Let us bring your glory and not caused your name to be blasphemed because of our insanity and inconsistency.  Mature your people Lord in love and truth.  May all the world see in us the reflection of who you really are and not a distortion of who we make you through our lack of insight and sinful blindness.  Open the eyes of our hearts and grant us a clear vision of your love.  Amen 

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Lord who does not change

Lord, you who do not change help me deal with all the changes I must face. 

Lord, you who know all things help me deal with all the things I do not know. 

Lord, you who have no limitations help me deal with all the vast limitations upon me. 

Lord, of infinite strength, help me deal with being weak this day.  Be my strength and wisdom this day for in myself I am very fragile. 

Lord, who is perfectly holy, good, and righteous, forgive my sins because of your sacrifice and be my righteousness today.  

Lord, who is infinitely merciful, be merciful to me this day and show me how to give mercy to others.  Amen 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Lord of light and love, holiness and happiness, goodness and greatness, hear the voice of your small sinner child. Lord have mercy.

Things are bigger and more complex that I ever imagined when we began this journey.  I had no idea of how broken the world was or how broken I was and am.  I saw things so simple and from your perspective Lord still do.  My complexity is your kindergarten.  That alone reminds me of how small I am and how great you are in comparison.  Help me not feel overwhelmed by the little vision I have and assure me that you are with me.  My security is not in my understanding but in your blood commitment to me of your unfailing love.  You knew from the beginning that I did not understand and yet have stayed with me all of these years not rejecting me because of my little insight or comprehension.  Lord continue to have mercy on me and let me see more clearly that i might love you more dearly. 

Help me release my fears to you.  My confusions.  My weakness.  Fill me with the Holy Spirit and bear the fruit of the Spirit through me this day.  Without you I can do nothing of any worth.  Today come and be glorified in me and bring good to others through me.  Lord in your kindness let me not waste this day.  Amen 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Lord, true and only God help me now.  Use what was done for good.  Help me to rest in your love and life.  

Help me see that you can help me deal with what I have loss.  Grant me a sense of purpose and usefulness.  Provide me insight into your purpose.  

Thank you for your limitless love and commitment to me.  For reaching out to me when I was at the end of my resources and strength.  Help me to rest now in your enduring grace.  Pour your grace out upon me this day.

Lord may you be praised and your true nature be revealed to all creation in a bright shining forth of light.  Open our eyes to see you more clearly and draw our lives into a love of you.  

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Oración para hoy

Estimado Señor del amor agraciado, de su misericordia y compasión escucha mi oración este día.

Ayúdanos No seamos ciegos a los tiempos que están a la altura de su voluntad y camino en mi vida. Abre nuestros ojos para ver nuestra falta de amor que se nos oculta debido a nuestra conciencia insensible y orgullo. Sintamos el dolor sano de la culpa verdadera y apropiada para hacer el mal en los hechos, palabras y actitudes. Señor ten piedad. Muéstranos a nosotros mismos como nos ven.

En tus manos entregamos las cosas necesarias para hacer hoy. Que se puede hacer en la fe y el amor por lo que no serán en vano. Velar por nosotros buen pastor y mantenernos a salvo de los ataques de la oscuridad caído señor y su anfitrión. Nos permiten discernir mentiras rápidamente y no creerles. Protégenos de las ideas, acciones, palabras y actitudes de la cultura rebelde que nos rodea. Permítanos buscamos primero la regla y la justicia en nuestras vidas. Proteja nuestras mentes y nuestros corazones hoy de que el cáncer de la incredulidad que todavía está dentro de nosotros. Aumenta nuestra fe y nos ayudan a oír claramente su amor por nosotros en el evangelio. Señor ten piedad, Cristo ten piedad, Señor, ten piedad. Amén

Prayer for Today

Dear Lord of graceful love, out of your mercy and compassion hear my prayer this day.    

Help us not be blind to the times we fall short of your will and way in my life.  Open our eyes to see our lack of love which is hidden from us because of our insensitive conscience and pride.  Let us feel the healthy pain of true and appropriate guilt for wrong doing in deeds, words, and attitudes.  Lord have mercy.  Show us ourselves as you see us. 

Into your hands we deliver the things needed to be done today.  Let them be done in faith and love so that they will not be in vain.  Watch over us good shepherd and keep us safe from the attacks of the dark fallen lord and his host.  Allow us to discern lies quickly and not believe them.  Protect us from the ideas, actions, words, and attitudes of the rebellious culture around us.  Allow us to seek first your rule and righteousness in our lives.  Guard our minds and hearts this day from the cancer of unbelief that is still within us.  Increase our faith and help us hear clearly your love for us in the gospel.  Lord have mercy, Messiah Have mercy, Lord have mercy.  Amen 

Friday, August 21, 2015

Lord, true maker of all things, the one real ultimate power and planner who has always existed and always will be.  The “I AM” who came to Abraham.  You who left heaven to come to earth to save us.  I cry to you.  Thank you for being the ONE WHO HEARS!

Help us today to see what we normally neglect.  Open our eyes to behold both your goodness and the great needs around us.  Grant us a sense of being on a mission today in this dark and dangerous land “East of Eden”.  Help us know and experience your presence and power this day.  Grant us wisdom to know our purpose this day as we do what we call “normal” and see within this every day reality the opportunity to bring your truth and love both by what we say but more profoundly through our actions.  Grant us to see the significance of “small things”.  May, who you are, shine through us in this “normal” day. 

Defeat the dark lord of lies in our life this day and grant us the wisdom to not desire destruction by doing darkness instead of light today.  May we discern darkness from light even when it is very disguised and deceptive.  Keep the unbelief in our hearts from making alliance with the deceiving dark lord and help us to be more loyal to your kingdom than the culture of rebellion that we have been raised in since our first breath as children.  Lord of light, have mercy on us and surround us with your light today. 

Lord we are just dust.  We are very frail.  Come to us as a Good Shepherd this day and lead us through dark and hard times of travail.  We do not understand so guide us in our confusion.  We are tired and not inspired so breath new breathe into us.  Without you we will not do any good thing this day but only make a mess of our lives and hurt even those we love.  Save us from that futility and failure.  Today, by your grace, let our lives become a channel of your life and love into this our relationships of family, friends, and even our enemies. 

Come now and be glorified in us for our good and so we can be of good to others.  Amen 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Lord, maker of heaven and earth; Lord redeemer of your people; Lord judge of all creation - God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob - LORD hear me.

Today, use my imperfect and broken efforts to produce good in the people I have will be in relationship with this day.  Let your love and hope come out of me this day so that they can become more like you and less like the sin they do.  Save us from our unhealthy and immoral desires.  Lord have mercy.  Show yourself in the middle of this days that I may perceive what you are dong and be in awe of it.  Open my eyes that I may see you and open my ears that I may hear yo.  Above all fill my heart and transform me from the inside out. Come to me now Lord.  Come. Amen

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Lord of forgiveness, I recognize more and more as I reflect that I have failed to say the things I need to say and do the things I need to do.  The impact of those failures is so vast that it overwhelms me as I think about the consequences.  I am thankful for your forgiveness but I want to experience a deeper more profound repentance and change of mind.  Teach me to be loving, skillful, and insightful in how I speak to those I love and show me how to do your will effectively.  Don’t let me be only forgiven and not be seeking transformation.  Lord, I want to produce better results and avoid the loss caused by sin.  Lord have mercy,Christ have mercy, Lord have mercy.  Amen

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Jer 29:11-13 NASB - "11 'For I know the plans that I have for you,' declares the LORD, 'plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope. 12 'Then you will call upon Me and come and pray to Me, and I will listen to you. 13 'You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart."

Lord, long ago you gave rebellious Israel this promise.  That they would be revived and restored.  That even after calamity beyond their wildest dreams their would be a future and hope for them.  You promised that when they called and prayed you would listen with compassion and grace.  They would seek you and find you.  You would renew their hearts to a new passion for you.  

Lord today please come and revive and restore us.  Give us a future and hope in this generation to reflect your truth, love, and goodness before a watching culture. When we think we have lost everything help us to see that we have you.  Give us a hunger and thirst to seek you in passionate cries and prayer focused on your kingdom.  Renew our hearts with a desire for you above all other desires.  Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy, Lord have mercy.  Amen

Monday, August 17, 2015

Lord let me see you more clearly, myself realistically, and have acceptance of others.

Lord, you are maker of all things, eternal and infinite.  Outside of time you experiences all things at the same sacred “now”.  You also have come near to me.  Into my heart. You alone dwell with my true essence and know me as I truly exist.

You are the eternal lover and redeemer.  At the core of your nature is to be a Savior.  Your compassion and mercy are ready at once to rescue those who are perishing even if their destruction is due to their own poor judgments and choices.  This desire to save has brought  YOU to become incarnate, fully human, and experiencing infinite suffering sorrow as the only way to win a just forgiveness for moral failures.  

Lord, I praise you for your redeeming compassion that has given a rational basis to hope due to your demonstration that death is overcome by your resurrection from the dead.  Let me remember this good true story and in this grand tale of eternal sacrificial and unconditional love stand in awe of YOU.

LORD,  help me find hope for a better, more just, more merciful, and more wise culture existing and being established.  That there can be a community of loving relationships, logical reasoning, humble attitudes, and mercy.  LORD, in a substantial way let there be manifested a fellowship of souls seeking to find and experience together a true growing reality of healthy virtue.

Transform me that I might be in some measure able to particapate in such a society of sanity, stability, and spirituality.  Lord have mercy on me and help me grow in knowledge and encounter with your great and good transforming grace.

Lord, save me from denial of my falling short of your ideals for my life and grant the ability to admit with sorrow my significant failures to act and speak controlled by your love.  Keep my sorrow from swallowing me up into despair.

Heal those I have hurt either by not doing what I should have done or doing what I should not have done.  Help me this day to strive to love more wisely and consistently.  Overcome in me my selfishness and pride.  Lord have mercy.

Let me see the opportunities to serve others this day.  Allow me to make the most of my time with recognition of the rest I need to provide healthy self care.  Keep me from either doing more than I should do or less.

 Provide for me answers where I have only questions.  Show me that some of the conclusions I have come to are false.  Show me my wrong thinking and any illusions that I now believe in.  Open my mind and heart to your true truth.  Lord have mercy now on me.

Lord lift me up.  Lord be my refuge.  Lord be my strength.  Let me live aware that I am always before you this day.  Amen

Sunday, August 16, 2015

You who are GREATNESS, GOODNESS, and COMPASSION allow me to be in awe of your reality.  Of how much greater you are than everything.  Every atom of creation is as nothing before you who are ETERNAL and INFINITE.   Flood me now with an awareness of YOU so that in YOU I will find all that I need.  Focus my vision in your ultimate revelation of yourself found in the INCARNATE LOGOS JESUS and HIS suffering sacrifice for our unforgivable moral failures which allows them to be forgiven.  Give me a vision of your love in the gospel of the MESSIAH JESUS so that my soul and spirit may be healed.  Amen

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Eternal SPIRIT who has always been and always will be.  Infinite SPIRIT who has no limitations of abilities, time, or space except those which would produce contradictions within yourself.  SPIRIT of LOVE & LOGIC who always acts and speaks in compassion and truth.  Help me sense your greatness and my smallness.  Allow me insight into your goodness and my evil.  Provide me a revelation of your presence behind me, over me, under me, around me, in me, and ahead of me.  YOU for whom past, present, and future are always simply “NOW” grant me an awe of the wonder of your great glory.  Humble me before you and let me see that I you who dwell in eternity have also chosen to dwell in my heart.  Let me sense the radical wonder of this reality.  Center my soul in YOU at this moment.  

I come broken hearted, with wounded spirit, and covered with scars.  YOU see me better than I see myself.  Use this broken heart, wounded spirit, and scarred soul for good today.  Out of me reveal YOURSELF.  

Be my strength and solace at this moment and during this day.  Provide me the energy and encouragement to serve others in a useful manner for YOUR sake.  Comfort me in my brokenessess.  Make today count forever. 

Forgive me my lack of wonder, awe, and care for YOU.  Help me turn away from my self centered focus and become consumed with a focus on YOU.  Give me a passion and drive for your KINGDOM and righteousness.  Help me to reprioritize my heart.  

Remember my family and those I love.  Have mercy on them. Bring them truth and the ability to accept truth.  Let them know reality as YOU have created it and allow them to adapt to that reality for your glory and their good.  Bring them comfort concerning all their loss.  LORD, have mercy on them.  

LORD, help my enemies to find truth and adapt to it also.  Those who have purposely injured me, betrayed me, and slandered me bring into the light of your love and help them fulfill their full potential for good.  LORD, grant them faith and repentance so that they may be forgiven.  LORD, have mercy on them.  

LORD, be with those you have put into positions of leadership.  Allow those who govern families, businesses, churches, schools, communities, cities, states, institutions, and countries to have deep recognition of their responsibilities and not their privileges.  Provide them a hunger and thirst to serve and not to be served.  Grant them insight on how essential it is to have both character and competence.  Save us from leadership that is immoral and/or lacking skill.  Raise up leadership that will provide compassionate and wise care over those they govern. Lord have mercy on us and them.  

May YOUR greatness be seen by all the nations and the knowledge of YOU fill the earth.   Open the world to see your love in the MESSIAH Jesus, God the Son who became the Son of God.  Ultimate revelation of your heart and commitment to reconcile us to yourself.  Send to us revival, renewal, and reformation.  Awaken us!  Lord have mercy, Messiah have mercy, Lord have mercy.  Amen

Friday, August 14, 2015

Lord, help me this day to see you more clearly and understand better who you are and what you are up to in my life.
Help me to see the goodness of your character and the competence of all your deeds. Grant me the understanding faith to perceive your actions in my life and the lives of others.
Also grant me the faith to trust you even when I don’t understand or comprehend what you are doing or why.
When I am ready to fall catch me.
When sorrow would drown me lift me up into the truth of your promises and love.
Forgive me for the times I do not believe or trust. Forgive me for the times I do not love as I should love. Forgive me my failures to be like you in my relationships. Cover me from head to toe in your forgiving grace. Wash me clean of my great sins. Help me feel forgiven, accepted, and adopted this day.
Thank you for dying for my sins on the cross and giving me hope through your resurrection from the dead. Today let me find my rest in you. Restore my soul and give me your inner peace this day.
Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy, Lord have mercy. Amen Amen
Lord, help me to find rest in you.  Be my refuge this day.  Help me see sorrow and suffering as your servants in my life to bring me to maturity emotionally,mentally, and spiritually.  Calm my fears and let me have greater faith in the love you manifested in your sacrifice, sorrow, and suffering on the cross. Lord have mercy

Revive, renew, and reform your community of faith in this generation.  Help us become what we should be that we may bear the most fruit of loving truth in action towards those around us.  Save us from the plans of the dark lord for us.  Bring your people to mature faith and love.  Lord have mercy.  

Lord, raise of leaders of character and competence in families, schools, business, churches, cities, states, and nations.  Save us from leaders who are immoral and/or unwise.  Convict the leaders in every sphere of society to recognize the sacred and great responsibility it is to oversee the lives of other fallen sinners.  Convict our current leaders of their immorality and failures.  Give to them an attitude of humble confession and a heart that seeks your for wisdom and strength.  Place in our leadership a hunger for prayer and a desire to seek you.  

Lord, awaken the culture to see the need of truth.  Help us have wisdom in choosing leaders of character and competence.  Help us not be attracted to leaders who are full of sound and fury, yet their words and actions signify nothing.  Save us from illusions and public image instead of substance and truth. 

Lord, inspire me with the potential that still is in my life.  Help me believe not in myself but in your ability to still use me.  Give me a fresh wind and fire in my soul.  Today, produce your fruit of truth and love in my heart and actions.  Lord help!  


Thursday, August 13, 2015

Dear forever Father, lover and provider, guider and giver, and the one who rules over all things to bring them to full kingdom potential, let me be heard before the throne of grace this day because of the sacrifice of Messiah Jesus on the cross for my sins.  Lord have mercy, Messiah have mercy, Lord have mercy.

Be my strength and shield this day.  Lift me up out of my deep weariness, Provide me new energy and clarity of mind about what I should do, the order I should do it in, and the method by which it should be done.  Give to me a clear outline and plan for this day so that it may produce the most useful fruit of love possible.  Lord have mercy, Messiah have mercy, Lord have mercy.

Forgive me my moral failures.  Especially those that I did not see to be acts lacking love at the time I did them but simply rightly to define or understand love at the time.  My transgression was to my ignorance and blindness.  I should have seen and I should have known, but I had failed to think and ponder.  So I acted on instinct instead of insight and fell short of your will and way.  LORD have mercy on me for these immoral deeds and lead me more and more this day into the paths of righteousness and peace.

Lord provide for me insight and a knowledge of your ways of love this day.  Let me quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to act without clear understanding. Keep me from pride and show me the path of humility.  Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy, Lord have mercy.  Amen