Monday, November 30, 2015

Musing on Psalm 1-3

Lord, help me see that rebellion against you is insanity and grant that I may find in your word help and hope  Draw my soul to your Word that I might gain life from it and live a useful life. 

Messiah, every nation has rebelled against your rule and ways.  Help me to accept and believe in your power and salvation alone.  Bring all nations under your rule and ways.  Help your victory be seen in all the earth.  

Lord, help me not be afraid of the devil, the unbelieving culture, or even my own rebellious heart.  Arise Lord and save me and defeat these enemies of my soul.  You alone have salvation.  Save me now.  Amen

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Meditation on Psalm 137

Lord, today I live in Babylon. It is a baptized Babylon which advertises shadows and distortions of your truth. Yet at heart it is Babylon, dark, pagan, selfish, and proud.

Help me not forget my true culture and nation is your Kingdom and the heavenly Jerusalem. Allow me to see me, as your royal family. Open the eyes of my soul to see that my true citizenship is in the Kingdom of heaven and not in unbelieving Babylon.

Help me see that the Babylon I live in will be destroyed justly in your Day, Lord. Justice will be served. Sin will be judged. The light will conquer darkness. Sin will not win.

The Messiah will come and destroy Babylon and all of its might. Your great promises of blood and sacrifice will be my ultimate defense and protection. Destroy the powers of terrorism and cripple all their efforts this day. Rescue your people from their power. Convert our enemies that we may have peace.

Give me a vision of the return of Eden to this cosmos. The Kingdom in all of its glory. Your kingdom come your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Let me hunger and thirst for righteousness. Lord renew, restore, reform, and revive us today. Amen

Friday, November 27, 2015

Musings on Psalm 140 & 141

LORD of Abraham, David, and Paul come now and deliver me, guard me, be my strength, and do not allow the desires of the dark evil lord be fulfilled in my life.  Save me from the lies of the culture and the unbelief of my own soul.  Maintain the redemptive purpose in my life for which you shed your blood.  Help me to dwell in your presence and peace on the hardest of days.  I thank you, for being always with me and ready to help me at most difficult moments. 

LORD have mercy, Messiah have mercy, LORD have mercy.  Hear the struggles of my soul.  Grant me strength when I feel weak.  Let me escape the dangers that today holds.  Help me know that you care deeply and passionately for my soul.  Be my refuge and let me know the freedom of your promises and love for me.   

You are my only hope.  Let me rely on you alone today.  Amen

Monday, November 23, 2015

Meditation on Psalm 106

Eternal Loving Creator and Redeemer you are good, great, and full of grace.  I am thankful yu are who you are and that you make blood promises and faithfully keep them.  The greatness of your deeds of righteous love is beyond our ability to list.  

You have given power and wisdom and allowed there to be some who observe fairness and goodness consistently in their lifestyles. 

Lord, may I be among your family when the full Kingdom comes and righteousness fills the earth in every nation.  Bring your kingdom rule to my heart.  

We have failed to do your will on earth or trust you as we live our lives.  Our memories of your works of revelation that are to show us your greatness, goodness and grace we soon forget.  The faithfulness you have in keeping your promises we trust less than our own strength.  

You have saved us by your unconditional love and compassion alone for we have not earned or deserved to be your spiritual family.   Even when we have been unfaithful you have remained faithful giving us grace and help at our most desperate moments.  

LORD, may your be recognized and praised for your abundant merciful and kind compassion upon us now and forevermore.  Amen

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Musing on Psalm 105

Lord, stir my heart to thanksgiving, passionate witness, song, praise, glory,  seeking and remembering.  

I have a cold heart so make within my heart your flaming passion.

The God of Abraham, David, and Paul remembers HIs blood promises and will give to HIS believing people the Kingdom of God.

God has anointed us HIS prophets to all nations and preserves our witness during times of great number.  Even when few in number and lacking power, God is watching over us and keeping us. 

The LORD is always raising up men like Joseph to be in places of power in order to further HIS kingdom.  The Almighty is always ahead of our crisis and is preparing a place from which the nations will see HIS glory and the people of HIS choosing will be preserved.  

Let me this day rest in your blood promises, protection, provision, and plan.  Amen

Monday, November 16, 2015

Meditation on Psalm 89

Eternal Maker of all things, God of Abraham and David, the one who gives sure promises and whose passion to provide gifts is unchanging and trustworthy.   I will procliam and worship your great character and competence.  I will set forth that your commitment to your people is unchanging from one generation to another.  You are forever stable and committed to keeping your word and demonstrating your great merciful love towards your people.  

Reality is filled with great spiritual beings that all owe their existence to you and all of their wonder is nothing compared to you.  Your greatness great Creator and Redeemer is infinitely more profound thant the who wonder of all of these powers and principalities in the heavenly deminsion.  

You have crushed the proud spiritual forces that chose evil over your love.  All the nations in their rebellion you still rule, guiding even their rejection of you toward the purpose of building your kingdom.  Every thing in heaven and earth you have made for your own purposes.  Every aspect of the universe finds you as it necessary source and purpose.  You have all power.  Greater than our imagination of power. 

Yet this power without limits is focused by your good charter.  The Ruler of all things has a righeous and just character.  You are also filled with compassion, mercy, kindness, and keep your promises to help and save.  

Those who worship you have your favor and support.  When they recognize your greatness, goodness and grace the they are lifted up and your ability and mercy surround them on every side.  You are the defender of your people.  True, great, and loving eternal one you are our protector and provider.  May you be seen as awesome by all nations.  Amen

Saturday, November 14, 2015

What can we do?

What can we do?

Pray for the suffering in Paris.
Hope that the Church in Paris will act as Jesus would act in light of the pain now in all the suffering.  The mourning, the death, the hurting, and the feeling of fear.  Lord have mercy.

What can we do?

As we face defeats, wonder at losses, and see the cold darkness seem to be covering more and more of our lives.

We have no trust in people.  Frail and fallen, inconsistent and immature, and the blind leading the blind.

Our hope is in you alone wise and loving eternal one can help us now.  You alone are the light.  You alone are the life.  You alone are good.  You alone are wise. We need you to come now in power.  Your presence is what we need.

Come now

Do what cannot be done.  Evaporate the cold darkness in the warm reality of your light.

Help us in this desperate hour.

Musing on Psalm 90

The citizenship that counts is not of the great empires of this earth but to be counted a citizen of God' kingdom and reborn by God's great grace. That we have been chosen to worship the Lord in Spirit and Truth is our greatest tresure.
The Lord is eternal and timeless. One thousand years are for him as a day. You are before and after all creation. From birth to death you are always the same. From creation to consumption you live.
Lord we suffer under your just wrath all of our days without the grace found in your salvation. Because of our rebellion all the days of our lives are toil and trouble. Our lives are short so we need to make sure we repent during these few days of our lives. Give us hearts of repentance and a hatred of sin.
Teach us then to recognize the shortness of life and live it wisely. Lord come now and have pity on us in your great grace found in the Messiah Jesus. Pour out upon us your steadfast and faithful compassion according to your promises of love. Grant that we find joy in your salvation and allow us to know that your unconditional and undeserved blessings upon us will be forever in your kingdom. The glroy we will share with you will make this season of struggle "East of Eden" seem like a small reality compared to the greatness of the gift of eternal life with YOU.
Show us the wonder of your works of salvation in Messiah Jesus and demonstrate your power that is at work in us by the Holy Spirit. Lord, may we live and breathe under your grace. Have abundant undeserved favor and be on our side in every circumstance. Let the efforts of our life be used to give you glory, help us receive from you good, and be of use to other people in understanding your compassion and mercy. Lord let our lives not be lived in vain. Lord have mercy. Amen

Friday, November 13, 2015

Praying through Psalm 88

Intimate and Eternal One I praise you for being my salvation. 

I confess that I have doubted you during hard times and ask you increase my faith. 

I am thankful that at my worst moments you are always faithfully loving me in the sacrifice and promises of Messiah Jesus. 

I am sad over the impact of death, disease, depression, disobedience, and death in my life and in the lives of so many.  The desperation of what it means to live "East of Eden" is before my eyes.  Lord the weight of the loses is so great for so many.  Have mercy and come quickly.

I find comfort in your promise to never leave me or forsake me.  That all of this grief will eventually be used for good.  None of the tears and terrors we face will be without your using them to have triumph over the darkness.  None of our pain will be without gain.  Thank you for these promises of hope. 

Lord have mercy now on me and bring light to my darkest hours.  


Monday, November 9, 2015

Reflecting Psalm 80

Give ear O Shepherd of YOUR people, come save us in your might and authority, restore us to a sane, stable, and spiritual state.  Allow us to know your fellowship and acceptance that we may avoid destruction. 

Lord, our prayers have fallen short both in faith and focus.  We have said words but lacked passion.  Don't be angry with us for this blasphemy.  Retore us to true faith and true prayers.  Give us your fellowship and acceptance that we may know your love. 

LORD, you brought us out of Egypt, land of idols and oppression.  YOU planted us in your kingdom and overcame all the plots of the enemy to keep us from faith.  YOU placed us in a position to grow and be fruitful.   But now we find ourselves in confusion and chaos .  Turn towards us in your grace.  Look down upon us from your high and holy place of power.  Let us become the fruitful branch attached to you our vine.  

Come to us Lord Jesus, the right hand of GOD almighty give us life now as we call on you to save us, restore us, and revive us.  Help us abide in your fellowship that we may produce your love into this broken world.  Amen

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Open the eyes of my heart Lord!

Eternal Creator, Redeemer, Savior, and Judge, God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Great Triune infinite Godhead, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, hear now my cry to you the one true Ultimate One. 

You are awesome in goodness, greatness, and grace.  You are beyond my greatest thoughts of you.  Help me see you more clearly that I may worship you more truly.  

Forgive me my lack of love and moral failures due to the sacrifice you made upon the cross to purchase me back to your love and fellowship.  Renew my spirit that I might seek your will in all aspects of my life.  Fill me with the Spirit that I might say the right things and allow the fruit of the Spirit flow through me that I might do the right things motivated by the right attitude.  Control me this day in all that I believe, think, say, feel, and do.  Possess me this day and reflect your Love and Truth through me.  Let others see you more clearly though me this day.  

Convert or cripple those who are prone to violence and terror.  Allow Isis to collapse from within.  Take from them their power to hurt.  Watch over and give strength to the persecuted church around the world.  Let their blood and suffering be that which leads to greatest time of gospel awakening in all history.  Move now upon us and provide for us a time of great revival.   Lord have mercy.  Amen 

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Lord, come now and take this day and use it

Lord, who is always present and always loving, come now to me and help me turn over to you the huge issues and struggles of the people who are hurting and are wounded.  Help me with my issues and struggles.  Heal my hurts and wounds.  Come now GREAT ONE and act in powerful ways.  

Help me deal with the differences of my friends and see in those differences your design.  Protect my feelings from being hurt by small things that do not matter.  Use my efforts to serve you for good.  

Lord, I release to you my great concerns and hopes.  Lift up my spirits when I am discouraged.  

LORD of life come now and revive and renew us  Bring us back to the reality of your sacrifice for our sins and the determination you have to see your kingdom come to earth as it is in heaven.

Help us be of one mind and heart.  Give us clear vision.  Help us to be transformed by your word.  Lord have mercy.  Amen 

Friday, November 6, 2015

Restore us!

All powerful and all wise Creator and Redeemer full of compassion, care, patience, and love, hear now this prayer based upon the perfect suffering sacrifice you made upon the cross and the hope you gave to us in your resurrection from the dead. Lord have mercy, Messiah have mercy, Lord have mercy.

Restore to us strength and hope. Allow our labor to not be in vain. Fill us with your HOLY SPIRIT and bear fruit through us so that what we do this day will matter for eternity. Give us wisdom about what to do and passion to do it. Forgive us our lack of love for others and allow us to care for them as you care for us Reflect your compassion through us. Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy, Lord have mercy.

Bring back to us our first love. Increase our faith, hope, and love. Allow our culture to come out of darkness and back into the light of your truth. For the good of your kingdom revive, restore, and renew us. Make our faith mature and our methods wise. Make us effective in being a source of truth and example of holy love in our culture. Show us your ways.
Act now Lord! Amen