Sunday, June 26, 2016

Meditation on Psalm 18

Meditation on Psalm 18

Eternal Creator, YOU who are totally beyond all understanding and explanation, YOU are good, trustworthy in character.  YOUR perfection is one of a being a moral being that cannot fail to act, think, and feel but in a perfect moral character.  YOU are trustworthy.  

God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the ONE true ALMIGHTY you are filled with consistent love and keep all your promises.  YOUR steadfast love never ends and YOU keep your WORD, for you cannot lie.  

Lord, you who are good and great.  Good God of eternal and consistent love.  Come now to me this as I am distressed and need YOU to answer me in my distress. 

 Be on my side and overcome the contamination culture, the dark lord of evil, and my own selfish heart.  Be my helper now LORD GOD of Israel.  Defeat those who hate my soul. 

LORD, you are my refuge and hope.   Give me greater trust in you. 

LORD, I feel surrounded by my problems, losses, disappointments, and defeats.  They drown me.  I feel pushed down under them.  I fell like I am falling out of control.   Help me now for YOU are my only hope.  
Good, great, and graceful Lord, demonstrate your character, competence , and compassion on me this day.

  Provide YOU to me as my strength, song and salvation.  Messiah Jesus YOU, have purchased me and delivered me at the cost of your blood on the cross.  YOU have done valiantly, defeating the devil and death.  YOU are my hero LORD Jesus.  

LORD, you have disciplined me for my good and I will remember and recount your deeds of grace and goodness to this generation by your grace working in me.   Help me not to see the greatness of my deliverance from darkness.  

In YOUR  rejection and suffering,  Lord Jesus you have brought  me to salvation and fellowship.  Through this darkness, you have brought forth light into my soul.  YOUR resurrection from the dead has made a new day.  A new creation now exists in YOU.  

Give YOUR people salvation and success!  Demonstrate your victory in us.  Lift us up out of our struggles and pour a vision of who YOU are into our hearts. Revive, renew and restore us.  Act in our generation.  

YOU, Lord if Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Peter, John, and Paul are the absolute ruler of every atom in creation.  YOU are GOD.  May your wonder and goodness be seen by all creation.  Take joy in us today!  

Thank YOU for all YOU have done in my life.  For every good gift I have.  YOU are faithful, loving, kind, long-suffering, patient, and saving.  

Open our eyes that we may see you more clearly, that we may love you more dearly, and follow you more nearly.  

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