Thursday, June 2, 2016

Prayer based on Matthew 26

Meditation on Matthew 26

Lord Jesus , you are the Son of Man who suffered and was crucified for my sins.  

Lord, help me not get so lost in my efforts to control and play politics to get my way that I lose the big picture of your redemptive will.

Help me not judge others when they give things to your glory in ways that do not make sense to me.  Help me to see that you are worthy of honor.  Lord, help me see that anything given to honor you is not a waste.  

Lord Jesus, save me from being a betrayer of your love and purpose in my life.   Save me from the traitor within. 

Help me to trust you always have a plan and I can never get ahead of you.  

Lord, let me be loyal and always aware that I would betray you outside of your grace active  in my heart.  

Jesus, my Lord, as I take the bread and cup let me see you only.  Help me to and feel your true presence in the remembering of your sacrifice.  

Grant me the passion for doing spiritual business with you and in reality to want your will than anything or anyone else. 

Lord, help me see that suffering does not reflect a lack of power on your part to overcome the culture and the forces of darkness.  

Lord Jesus come on the right of power and the you're coming in Glory.  Help me understand that all things work together for good and to bring your redemptive kingdom to the earth.  Even things that seem beyond all horror.

Lord, help me give a good confession of my loyalty and love for you to the death.  Help me know that without you I will fail and fall short.  Lord have mercy now.  And increase my faith.  Amen

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