Friday, March 18, 2016


Meditation on John 17

FATHER, in heaven, allow the awesome truth of the LORD JESUS to be seen and accepted.   Grant the true experience of ETERNAL LIFE to us.  Grant to us a truly personal relationship in the deep parts of our souls.

FATHER, open my eyes to see your true and wonderful essence in the LORD JESUS.   Let me see YOUR love in HIS sacrifice for my sins. 

LORD, help me to keep your revealing word.  Help me be a keeper, guardian, protector, and one who treasures your WORD.   Help me to believe that you have sent the LORD JESUS as the ultimate revelation of your heart and as the answer to my rebellion.  FATHER IN HEAVEN, have mercy!

Help me to be one of your true children and help me to know that I am your adopted child in the LORD JESUS.  

Help me to be in the culture and not part of the culture.  Guard me from the pollutions and contaminations of the society in which I live.  Help me to love my brothers and sisters, who are also disciples and grant us unity.  Form a community which is full of faith in your TRUTH. 

Do not take me out of my culture or society but protect me from the attacks of the dark lord who desires to kill, steal, and destroy my life.  Allow me to know your joy, here East of Eden.  Allow your WORD to guide me and comfort me. 

Help me see that I am not of the unbelieving culture.  Grant me a vision that my true citizenship is in heaven.  LORD, set me apart by your TRUTH and send me into this culture as one who brings truth and purity.  Help me function as salt and light.  

Dear FATHER IN HEAVEN, let your people be one  in love and truth.  Allow your Church to reflect your true character, competence, and compassion to all the societies of the world.  May all nations, peoples, and tongues; see YOUR awesome truth of sacrificial love in us.   Let us be perfectly ONE in YOU!  Allow this witness to convince all the world that the LORD JESUS was sent from heaven to earth to bring healing and hope.  FATHER FILL US WITH YOUR LOVE!


LORD, revive, renew, restore, and reform us.  Lord help us.  Amen

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