Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Prayer based on John 20

Meditation on John 20

Lord, you have risen.  You are alive.  It is a surprising and hard to believe reality.

Lord, help me have the loyalty and love of Mary Magdalene who still calls you LORD, even when she thinks you have not risen from the dead.  Open my eyes this day, as you did for her on the day of your resurrection, that I may see more deeply that you are indeed alive today.

Bless me with the faith to believe even though I have not seen your wounds or touched your scars.  Forgive me for the times that I am a doubting Thomas.  Grant me the ability to trust you on even dark days.  Let me have a reasonable faith but not a cynical attitude.

LORD Messiah Jesus, give me a full experience of the eternal life you offer those who believe in YOU.  Grant that your gospel would indeed provide for me fresh faith and passion for you.  Open my eyes to see your great sacrificial love and the power of your resurrection from the dead.

Risen Lord, transform me for your glory.

Lord, come to me this day and bless me with your peace in my soul.  Help me to see that you have sent me out to continue your mission of living for and telling others of YOUR kingdom of redemptive love.

Help me sense the Holy Spirit who you have sent.  Holy Spirit, make me aware of your presence with me and in me.  Let me not only have received you but help me bear your fruit this day in all I do.   Allow me to share your message of forgiveness to others and comfort those who believe in the gospel that their sins are forgiven.

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