Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Musing on Genesis 43:1-15

Genesis 43:1-15

LORD, you work in our lives during severe times.  We develop our plots and plans to get through them.  Many times these severe times are made worst by our sins and blameless people are hurt because of our attempt to manipulate events to go our way.  But somehow our sins always find us out.  Help us see your hand at work in this present time in our lives and abandon all hope in our own schemes. 

I am thankful Lord that you are aways working with full knowledge and control of the future.  Everything is going according to your plan.  Even the dark and painful things that happen because of our sin you have calculated for your purpose.  All things will work for good through the messy process of our personal history.  You can work all things together for good. 

I confess Lord that I focus more on what my plans are and my ability to shape events than acknowledge that you are alive and active in every moment and circumstance.  My confidence is foolishly reliance on myself instead of on your love and plan of redemption.   Help me see the insanity of this and turn my trust towards you and away from myself. 

Lord, today let me see that you have made provision for the severe and hard times in my life.  You have a plan already in motion to handle hard times.  Give me peace today not based on my plans but your plans.  Let me rest in your love and allow me to find refuge in you.  

Lord, you will build your church, you will renew the faith, you will revive our love, you will reform our minds, you will bring your kingdom to earth and your will, will be done on earth as in heaven.  These things are as sure as the sun will rise.  Help me to trust and work for your will.  Lord have mercy.  Amen

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