Saturday, March 12, 2016

Meditation on Luke 15

Meditation on Luke 15

Lord, help me rejoice in what has been saved and not focus on the things that have been lost.

I have been the prodigal all so often and at times the self-righteous elder brother.   My heart has been tempted with lawlessness and with legalism.  Two different roads to destruction.  

Let me come to my right mind.  Change my heart.   Let me trust in the Father's great love demonstrated by YOUR suffering for me on the cross.   Let me abandon this culture and all of its false values.   Help me bottom out so that I know that I can only trust in  your grace alone.  

Lord, let me see many sinners repent.  Let the repentance be deep, true, transforming, and lasting.  Give me a reason to rejoice in your great unconditional grace.  Awaken the dead and make them alive. 

Lord, we are living with the pigs.  We don't see it.  But that is where we are at this hour.  Come now, awaken us to see that to be with the Father in true fellowship is better than all our culture can offer.  Give to us a hunger and thirst for YOUR kingdom and righteousness.  Amen

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