Friday, February 26, 2016

Meditation on Psalms

Psalm 95

Lord, give me a voice to sing your goodness, greatness, and grace.

Allow my heart to feel joy in a filled with grief.

Allow me to come before you thankful for what you being you and for what you have provided for me in your grace.

Lord, you are the great heroic saving KING.  Creator of every atom in the universe.

  Let me worship you in spirit and in truth, with an attitude of true submission to your will.  Help me not harden my heart over unanswered prayers.  Grant that I do not go astray from the path of life.  By your mercy, allow me to enter into your rest in my soul.

Psalm 40

Lord, give me patience in waiting for you to act in ways that I desperately need you to act.  Draw those I love out of the pit of destruction.  Set their feet on a secure foundation of true faith and love.  Put a new song in my mouth that will be able to praise you for their salvation.

Help me trust you in the dark.  Grant me to remember all the wondrous deeds and wisdom you have given to me in my life journey so far.  Help me see that none can compare with your greatness.

Lord, help me give witness of your great love on the cross in paying the penalty for my rebellion and immorality.  Allow me to speak to my inner heart the truth of your gospel that it may fully believe in your Thank you, Lord, for your steadfast love for me despite everything I have said and done which harmed others.

Preserve me this day due to your mercy, faithfulness, and steadfast love towards me.  Grant me a heart of deep repentance and change my mind to think your thoughts after you.

May it please you to save those who I love.  May the dark lord and enemy of life be defeated and bring your glory and truth to those in danger.

Give me a seeking heart for you.  A hunger and thirst for you.  A love for your great deeds of deliverance.  YOU LORD, are my help and strength.  Without you, I am poor, needy, and hopeless.

Psalm 54

Lord, hear my voice.  Save my loved ones for the glory of your name.  Destroy those things that make war against true faith.  Deliver them from trouble and triumph over the world, flesh, and devil.  Now come and help us.  Without you, we can do nothing.

May the God who saves be praised.

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