Friday, February 19, 2016

Meditation n Daniel 9:3-10

Meditation on Daniel 9:3-10

Lord, help us to turn our faces, souls, hearts, spirits, and true inner selfs totally in your direction and turn away from the lies, illusions, temptation, false hopes, and self-constructed idols of our minds. Help us turn from vain self-reliance being aware of our own weakness, limitations, foolishness, self-centeredness, and pride. 

We come pleading for your mercy. Have mercy and reveal yourself to us even though we are not seeking for you with our whole hearts and there is so much spiritual apathy in us. Spirit convict us fo sin, righteousness and judgment. Strip us of our self-righteousness and self-justification. Our blaming of others and excusing ourselves. Our living in a secular mental and emotional framework. Take us from "living under the sun" to living in the reality of eternity. 

Open our eyes to the reality that you are great, awesome, magnificent, faithful, committed, sacrificial, and loyal. Help us see that YOU, LORD, are not the one failing us but that are failing you. In that spiritual failure we now, have also failed all those who we have a duty to love and serve. Convict our conscience, in a deep and profound way that we cannot silence that we have horribly fallen short of our potential and brought negative impact upon those we most love. 

This is due to our failure to seek a deeper, real, transforming, relationship with YOU, LORD, even though you have passionately sought us. We have been indifferent and hard-hearted towards you as the Good Shepherd of our souls. Like sheep, we have gone astray. 

We have trusted in our own wisdom more than in the revelation you gave through your servants the prophets and apostles. More sure of our own minds than trusting in YOUR divine wisdom. Darkness has come to our souls and we are now without light. 

Now in your light let us see light. We have reason to feel moral shame. We have betrayed your love, your faithfulness, your goodness, your grace, your sacrifice, and your wisdom. In our pride, we have denied your goodness and proclaimed our own. 

Bring us now to your light. Break into our darkness. Don't allow us to continue down this path of insanity. Keep us from playing religious games. 

Take from us the feeling of living in a secular world and invade us with your divine presence on every side. Awaken our conscience that we may feel true guilt and hunger to find a real forgiving relationship with you. 

Come to LORD now in power even though we do not deserve any such manifestation of your love and compassion. To those most in darkness provide the brightest lights. To those most cynical give the most hope. To the doubting provide the greatest proofs. 

For your glory and kingdom's sake now move. For your name's sake now save us. We do not deserve your salvation but only your condemnation. 

But in the sacrifice of the LORD Messiah Jesus, LORD JESUS, now save us by your grace alone. We desperately need you more than we even think we need you. Help us see we need you. 

Save the unsavable. Take out the hearts of stone and replace them with sensitive hearts of flesh. Speak to the bones and make them live. Now LORD, out of nothing create faith, hope, and love once more. YOU are our only hope. Nothing and no one can now save but you. 

Come quickly now in reviving and living presence and power to us. Come now! 

Lord, have mercy, Messiah have mercy, Lord have mercy. 

Please hear our cry. 

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