Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Musings on Phil 4:1-9

Lord, help me to stand firm in the Lord and to see the connection I have with my brothers and sisters in YOU. 

Help us to have unity and agreement in the fellowship. Save us from all the schemes of the devil to divide us. 

I have joy knowing who YOU are LORD. YOU are good, great, and full of grace. Ever present with me in this broken and difficult world. Working everything out for ultimate kingdom good. 

Help me recognize reality as YOU have made it and think as you think in a reasonable and logical manner. Let me live in the reality that YOU are present here with me. 

Help me give to you my fears and anxiety. Let me cast my cares upon you. Give to me an ability to pray to you and depend on you in every circumstance. Grant me to be thankful that you are here with me and active in moving everything forward to establish your eternal righteous kingdom. I release to you my deepest and darkest fears, those that suck from me my hope. Now in their place put your peace, contentment, and assurance. Protect my intellect and emotions from being overwhelmed. 

Bring to my mind the reality that there is great evidence of your greatness, goodness, and grace on every side. Enable me to make a full and complete inventory of every particular person and event that demonstrates your love and care for me. LORD of well-being, now, be with me. 

Fill me now with the attitude of gratitude in the middle of my sorrow. Lord have mercy. Amen

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