Monday, May 30, 2016

Prayer based on John 14

Lord Jesus, help my heart not be filled with trouble and concerns this day. Help me to trust and rely on the FATHER and YOU. Provide me confidence that there is a new world being created for us and that I will be part of that restored Eden.
Messiah LORD Jesus, help me to see clearly that you are the only way back to the FATHER. The one way of redemption and reconciliation. YOU, LORD JESUS are salvation. Help me to see the FATHER in YOU.
LORD, do greater works through your people. Manifest your love through us that the heavenly FATHER will be glorified through the victory and power of the SON. 
Messiah KING JESUS, show me how to guard and practice your commandments. Pour out the HOLY SPIRIT upon us and bring to us the truth and the power to live consistently by the truth.  
Help me not feel orphaned and alone today. Help us to feel your presence around us and in us. Manifest yourself to us. Increase our love for you LORD JESUS and from this love bring the fruit of obedience.
HOLY SPIRIT, help us today. Remind us of the great love of God for us in the sacrifice of the Messiah Jesus for our sins. Teach us! Flood us with YOUR peace. Help us not live in fear in light of the times we live in.
Save us from being troubled and fearful this day. Help us walk by faith in YOU. Amen

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