Monday, May 16, 2016

Prayer based on Psalm 119:76,77

(76) O may Your lovingkindness comfort me,According to Your word to Your servant. (77) May Your compassion come to me that I may live,For Your law is my delight. [Psa 119:76-77 NASB]

Lord, help me see and understand the depth of your commitment to me.  YOUR sacrifice for my sins.  The suffering of hell fires for my soul.  Salvation bought with your blood.  All these words meaning so much more.  Open my eyes that I might see and understand what they all mean.   

Comfort me today in the light of your love for me.  Let me know that nothing I face today can separate me from your eternal passion for me.  YOU have chosen to love me.  I am safe in your love.  All my struggles, wounds and sins cannot separate me from your love.  

Thank you for have compassion on me.  Caring for my sorrows and sadness.  Being with me in my fears.  Never forsaking me when I feel lost and bewildered.  YOU, my LORD, are a true, loyal, caring, friend who has empathy for me on my worst days.   

Help me see YOUR word and in that word let me see the truth.  Lord have mercy.  Capture my heart and help me live this day in a manner worthy of the gospel of your grace.  Amen

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