Friday, May 6, 2016

Prayer based on Psalm 106

Meditation on Psalm 106:1-18; 43-48

Lord, you are good, great, and full of grace.  I thank you for providing far more to me than I deserve.  You are faithful to all your promises and to the covenant of grace you have established with us your people.  Your competence and compassion demonstrated in history and the perfection of your character as so infinite in number that they cannot be fully praised.  

One of your blessings is that you have gifted some to be people who do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with you. YOU have given some hearts of substantial virtue to act as the foundation and hope of civilization.  Thank you for these people of moral greatness.   Grant such a blessing to me.  Transform me into YOUR image.   The image of Messiah/Christ Jesus.  

LORD, send a great revival, renewal, and reformation.  I would love to see the Church become mature, wise, loving, balanced, and full of compassion.  To be effective in being light and salt.  Save us, that we might bring you glory and be of some good to this dark world.   Without you, we can do nothing. 

Lord, the history of your people from their rebellion at the red sea until now has been one of rebellion and wandering.  Despite our inconsistency, you have kept saving us for your name's sake and love for us over and over again.   You have demonstrated your victory over the darkness, evil, and the devil over and over through mighty deeds and then we will have a moment of clarity and believe your word and give you praise.   But we soon forget.   We wander yet again.  You discipline us to bring us back.  But we soon lose our way again. 

(47) Save us, O LORD our God,And gather us from among the nations,To give thanks to Your holy nameAnd glory in Your praise. (48) Blessed be the LORD, the God of Israel,From everlasting even to everlasting.And let all the people say, "Amen."Praise the LORD! [Psa 106:47-48 NASB]

Do not forsake us.  Let the blasphemy of the nations cease due to our foolishness by making us what we ought to be.  We have brought disgrace upon YOUR name Messiah Jesus through our inability to really follow YOU.  In your name we have said and done horrible things, baptizing them in a self-righteousness and pride.  Put an end to all of this.  Unite us in one mind and spirit.  Let the insanity leave us and give us your mind. 

Bless us now.  Make us those who observe justice.  Make us those who love mercy.  Make us now those who strive to think and act right.  Drive from us the darkness.  Let us be consistent and our faith authentic.  Let true love work through true faith to bring about true reformation.  

Make us effective in being the light and salt of the earth.  The decay and darkness are great.  Spiritual cancer grows daily.  Help us be your answer to this deadly illness of soul.   Let the cure begin within us.  Allow the cure not to make us proud but grateful.  

May YOUR cure of soul found in YOUR gospel of grace found in the Messiah Jesus become contagious and spread to many hearts.  

Lord, help me be part of the cure and not the cancer of this generation.

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