Thursday, November 19, 2015

Musing on Psalm 105

Lord, stir my heart to thanksgiving, passionate witness, song, praise, glory,  seeking and remembering.  

I have a cold heart so make within my heart your flaming passion.

The God of Abraham, David, and Paul remembers HIs blood promises and will give to HIS believing people the Kingdom of God.

God has anointed us HIS prophets to all nations and preserves our witness during times of great number.  Even when few in number and lacking power, God is watching over us and keeping us. 

The LORD is always raising up men like Joseph to be in places of power in order to further HIS kingdom.  The Almighty is always ahead of our crisis and is preparing a place from which the nations will see HIS glory and the people of HIS choosing will be preserved.  

Let me this day rest in your blood promises, protection, provision, and plan.  Amen

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