Friday, November 27, 2015

Musings on Psalm 140 & 141

LORD of Abraham, David, and Paul come now and deliver me, guard me, be my strength, and do not allow the desires of the dark evil lord be fulfilled in my life.  Save me from the lies of the culture and the unbelief of my own soul.  Maintain the redemptive purpose in my life for which you shed your blood.  Help me to dwell in your presence and peace on the hardest of days.  I thank you, for being always with me and ready to help me at most difficult moments. 

LORD have mercy, Messiah have mercy, LORD have mercy.  Hear the struggles of my soul.  Grant me strength when I feel weak.  Let me escape the dangers that today holds.  Help me know that you care deeply and passionately for my soul.  Be my refuge and let me know the freedom of your promises and love for me.   

You are my only hope.  Let me rely on you alone today.  Amen

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