Monday, November 9, 2015

Reflecting Psalm 80

Give ear O Shepherd of YOUR people, come save us in your might and authority, restore us to a sane, stable, and spiritual state.  Allow us to know your fellowship and acceptance that we may avoid destruction. 

Lord, our prayers have fallen short both in faith and focus.  We have said words but lacked passion.  Don't be angry with us for this blasphemy.  Retore us to true faith and true prayers.  Give us your fellowship and acceptance that we may know your love. 

LORD, you brought us out of Egypt, land of idols and oppression.  YOU planted us in your kingdom and overcame all the plots of the enemy to keep us from faith.  YOU placed us in a position to grow and be fruitful.   But now we find ourselves in confusion and chaos .  Turn towards us in your grace.  Look down upon us from your high and holy place of power.  Let us become the fruitful branch attached to you our vine.  

Come to us Lord Jesus, the right hand of GOD almighty give us life now as we call on you to save us, restore us, and revive us.  Help us abide in your fellowship that we may produce your love into this broken world.  Amen

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