Friday, August 28, 2015

Prayer For A Spiritual Awakening

You who always have been and always will be and who today fills every space and time with your powerful and peaceful presence allow my dull mind, heart, and spirit become aware of you.  I am swimming in YOUR reality and you are before me, behind me, under me, over me, and in me as I breathe.   You will never leave me or forsake me.  You love me more than my small poor heart can begin to measure or feel.  Let me now be before you with boldness, confidence, and trust. YOU are an awesome and true GOD.  

This day move to renew, restore, reform, and revive your community of believers so that we will live in a way that is worthy of your great gospel of sacrificial, unconditional, costly, righteous, wild love.  Let us bring your glory and not caused your name to be blasphemed because of our insanity and inconsistency.  Mature your people Lord in love and truth.  May all the world see in us the reflection of who you really are and not a distortion of who we make you through our lack of insight and sinful blindness.  Open the eyes of our hearts and grant us a clear vision of your love.  Amen 

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