Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Lord of light and love, holiness and happiness, goodness and greatness, hear the voice of your small sinner child. Lord have mercy.

Things are bigger and more complex that I ever imagined when we began this journey.  I had no idea of how broken the world was or how broken I was and am.  I saw things so simple and from your perspective Lord still do.  My complexity is your kindergarten.  That alone reminds me of how small I am and how great you are in comparison.  Help me not feel overwhelmed by the little vision I have and assure me that you are with me.  My security is not in my understanding but in your blood commitment to me of your unfailing love.  You knew from the beginning that I did not understand and yet have stayed with me all of these years not rejecting me because of my little insight or comprehension.  Lord continue to have mercy on me and let me see more clearly that i might love you more dearly. 

Help me release my fears to you.  My confusions.  My weakness.  Fill me with the Holy Spirit and bear the fruit of the Spirit through me this day.  Without you I can do nothing of any worth.  Today come and be glorified in me and bring good to others through me.  Lord in your kindness let me not waste this day.  Amen 

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