Monday, August 17, 2015

Lord let me see you more clearly, myself realistically, and have acceptance of others.

Lord, you are maker of all things, eternal and infinite.  Outside of time you experiences all things at the same sacred “now”.  You also have come near to me.  Into my heart. You alone dwell with my true essence and know me as I truly exist.

You are the eternal lover and redeemer.  At the core of your nature is to be a Savior.  Your compassion and mercy are ready at once to rescue those who are perishing even if their destruction is due to their own poor judgments and choices.  This desire to save has brought  YOU to become incarnate, fully human, and experiencing infinite suffering sorrow as the only way to win a just forgiveness for moral failures.  

Lord, I praise you for your redeeming compassion that has given a rational basis to hope due to your demonstration that death is overcome by your resurrection from the dead.  Let me remember this good true story and in this grand tale of eternal sacrificial and unconditional love stand in awe of YOU.

LORD,  help me find hope for a better, more just, more merciful, and more wise culture existing and being established.  That there can be a community of loving relationships, logical reasoning, humble attitudes, and mercy.  LORD, in a substantial way let there be manifested a fellowship of souls seeking to find and experience together a true growing reality of healthy virtue.

Transform me that I might be in some measure able to particapate in such a society of sanity, stability, and spirituality.  Lord have mercy on me and help me grow in knowledge and encounter with your great and good transforming grace.

Lord, save me from denial of my falling short of your ideals for my life and grant the ability to admit with sorrow my significant failures to act and speak controlled by your love.  Keep my sorrow from swallowing me up into despair.

Heal those I have hurt either by not doing what I should have done or doing what I should not have done.  Help me this day to strive to love more wisely and consistently.  Overcome in me my selfishness and pride.  Lord have mercy.

Let me see the opportunities to serve others this day.  Allow me to make the most of my time with recognition of the rest I need to provide healthy self care.  Keep me from either doing more than I should do or less.

 Provide for me answers where I have only questions.  Show me that some of the conclusions I have come to are false.  Show me my wrong thinking and any illusions that I now believe in.  Open my mind and heart to your true truth.  Lord have mercy now on me.

Lord lift me up.  Lord be my refuge.  Lord be my strength.  Let me live aware that I am always before you this day.  Amen

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