Friday, August 14, 2015

Lord, help me to find rest in you.  Be my refuge this day.  Help me see sorrow and suffering as your servants in my life to bring me to maturity emotionally,mentally, and spiritually.  Calm my fears and let me have greater faith in the love you manifested in your sacrifice, sorrow, and suffering on the cross. Lord have mercy

Revive, renew, and reform your community of faith in this generation.  Help us become what we should be that we may bear the most fruit of loving truth in action towards those around us.  Save us from the plans of the dark lord for us.  Bring your people to mature faith and love.  Lord have mercy.  

Lord, raise of leaders of character and competence in families, schools, business, churches, cities, states, and nations.  Save us from leaders who are immoral and/or unwise.  Convict the leaders in every sphere of society to recognize the sacred and great responsibility it is to oversee the lives of other fallen sinners.  Convict our current leaders of their immorality and failures.  Give to them an attitude of humble confession and a heart that seeks your for wisdom and strength.  Place in our leadership a hunger for prayer and a desire to seek you.  

Lord, awaken the culture to see the need of truth.  Help us have wisdom in choosing leaders of character and competence.  Help us not be attracted to leaders who are full of sound and fury, yet their words and actions signify nothing.  Save us from illusions and public image instead of substance and truth. 

Lord, inspire me with the potential that still is in my life.  Help me believe not in myself but in your ability to still use me.  Give me a fresh wind and fire in my soul.  Today, produce your fruit of truth and love in my heart and actions.  Lord help!  


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