Saturday, August 22, 2015

Prayer for Today

Dear Lord of graceful love, out of your mercy and compassion hear my prayer this day.    

Help us not be blind to the times we fall short of your will and way in my life.  Open our eyes to see our lack of love which is hidden from us because of our insensitive conscience and pride.  Let us feel the healthy pain of true and appropriate guilt for wrong doing in deeds, words, and attitudes.  Lord have mercy.  Show us ourselves as you see us. 

Into your hands we deliver the things needed to be done today.  Let them be done in faith and love so that they will not be in vain.  Watch over us good shepherd and keep us safe from the attacks of the dark fallen lord and his host.  Allow us to discern lies quickly and not believe them.  Protect us from the ideas, actions, words, and attitudes of the rebellious culture around us.  Allow us to seek first your rule and righteousness in our lives.  Guard our minds and hearts this day from the cancer of unbelief that is still within us.  Increase our faith and help us hear clearly your love for us in the gospel.  Lord have mercy, Messiah Have mercy, Lord have mercy.  Amen 

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