Friday, August 21, 2015

Lord, true maker of all things, the one real ultimate power and planner who has always existed and always will be.  The “I AM” who came to Abraham.  You who left heaven to come to earth to save us.  I cry to you.  Thank you for being the ONE WHO HEARS!

Help us today to see what we normally neglect.  Open our eyes to behold both your goodness and the great needs around us.  Grant us a sense of being on a mission today in this dark and dangerous land “East of Eden”.  Help us know and experience your presence and power this day.  Grant us wisdom to know our purpose this day as we do what we call “normal” and see within this every day reality the opportunity to bring your truth and love both by what we say but more profoundly through our actions.  Grant us to see the significance of “small things”.  May, who you are, shine through us in this “normal” day. 

Defeat the dark lord of lies in our life this day and grant us the wisdom to not desire destruction by doing darkness instead of light today.  May we discern darkness from light even when it is very disguised and deceptive.  Keep the unbelief in our hearts from making alliance with the deceiving dark lord and help us to be more loyal to your kingdom than the culture of rebellion that we have been raised in since our first breath as children.  Lord of light, have mercy on us and surround us with your light today. 

Lord we are just dust.  We are very frail.  Come to us as a Good Shepherd this day and lead us through dark and hard times of travail.  We do not understand so guide us in our confusion.  We are tired and not inspired so breath new breathe into us.  Without you we will not do any good thing this day but only make a mess of our lives and hurt even those we love.  Save us from that futility and failure.  Today, by your grace, let our lives become a channel of your life and love into this our relationships of family, friends, and even our enemies. 

Come now and be glorified in us for our good and so we can be of good to others.  Amen 

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