Saturday, August 15, 2015

Eternal SPIRIT who has always been and always will be.  Infinite SPIRIT who has no limitations of abilities, time, or space except those which would produce contradictions within yourself.  SPIRIT of LOVE & LOGIC who always acts and speaks in compassion and truth.  Help me sense your greatness and my smallness.  Allow me insight into your goodness and my evil.  Provide me a revelation of your presence behind me, over me, under me, around me, in me, and ahead of me.  YOU for whom past, present, and future are always simply “NOW” grant me an awe of the wonder of your great glory.  Humble me before you and let me see that I you who dwell in eternity have also chosen to dwell in my heart.  Let me sense the radical wonder of this reality.  Center my soul in YOU at this moment.  

I come broken hearted, with wounded spirit, and covered with scars.  YOU see me better than I see myself.  Use this broken heart, wounded spirit, and scarred soul for good today.  Out of me reveal YOURSELF.  

Be my strength and solace at this moment and during this day.  Provide me the energy and encouragement to serve others in a useful manner for YOUR sake.  Comfort me in my brokenessess.  Make today count forever. 

Forgive me my lack of wonder, awe, and care for YOU.  Help me turn away from my self centered focus and become consumed with a focus on YOU.  Give me a passion and drive for your KINGDOM and righteousness.  Help me to reprioritize my heart.  

Remember my family and those I love.  Have mercy on them. Bring them truth and the ability to accept truth.  Let them know reality as YOU have created it and allow them to adapt to that reality for your glory and their good.  Bring them comfort concerning all their loss.  LORD, have mercy on them.  

LORD, help my enemies to find truth and adapt to it also.  Those who have purposely injured me, betrayed me, and slandered me bring into the light of your love and help them fulfill their full potential for good.  LORD, grant them faith and repentance so that they may be forgiven.  LORD, have mercy on them.  

LORD, be with those you have put into positions of leadership.  Allow those who govern families, businesses, churches, schools, communities, cities, states, institutions, and countries to have deep recognition of their responsibilities and not their privileges.  Provide them a hunger and thirst to serve and not to be served.  Grant them insight on how essential it is to have both character and competence.  Save us from leadership that is immoral and/or lacking skill.  Raise up leadership that will provide compassionate and wise care over those they govern. Lord have mercy on us and them.  

May YOUR greatness be seen by all the nations and the knowledge of YOU fill the earth.   Open the world to see your love in the MESSIAH Jesus, God the Son who became the Son of God.  Ultimate revelation of your heart and commitment to reconcile us to yourself.  Send to us revival, renewal, and reformation.  Awaken us!  Lord have mercy, Messiah have mercy, Lord have mercy.  Amen

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