Monday, September 28, 2015

Father, reform, renew, and revive us! Amen

Lord Father, you are good, great, and full of grace.  All knowing and all powerful.  Full of wisdom and love.  You are LOVE.  You are LIGHT.  Father of all compassion, courage, and caring help us to see you in your greatness and commitment to have grace on us in a wild expression of passionate redemptive concern for our salvation by coming in Messiah Jesus.  LORD FATHER, have mercy on us.  

Send reformation of doctrine to all who are water baptized and believe in your revelation found in the Bible about Messiah/Christ Jesus.  Let us have sound healthy true biblical doctrine and teaching.  Allow us to teach and preach the gospel of Paul the Apostle and the other Apostles.  Allow the visible church pastors, theologians, and authorities, including Jorge Mario Bergoglio who is known as Pope Francis be called by your Holy Spirit to reform their beliefs and teachings to be in conformity to your WORD.  Save us all from unhealthy and false ideas and teach us through your WORD healthy and true doctrine.  Lord reform us!

Lord Father, help us return to having you as our first love above all other loves in our life.  Help us gain such a vision of your wonder and awe that we would be attracted as moths to a flame.  Draw us to your truth and beauty.  Win our hearts as well as our minds.  Grant us a better vision of you that we might love you much more passionately than we do.  Awaken us from spiritual slumber and help us see your glory.   Make those who worship you in Spirit, Truth, passion, and integrity.  Lord revive and renew us!

Father, all wise and all caring, help us at our weakest moments. When we feel we have no mental, emotional, or spiritual strength left.  Lift us up.  Let your strength be seen in our weakness.  LORD Messiah Jesus come to us now and let your life flow through us bearing much fruit.  Teach us to abide in you.  Let us not live in vain but produce good deeds for your glory.  Lord help us in desperation.  Help us se that our condition is desperate.  Remove from us the denial that this is our true state.  Lord help us repent of our pride and self righteousness.  Humble our hearts and minds.  Save us!  Amen

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