Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Lord help me to understand

Lord help me to see and understand you will for today.  Let me enter into your graceful rest.  Let me know that you hold all things together with your loving just power.  Help me see you in the events of today as active and close.  Lord have mercy on me because of the blood of the Lamb of God, Messiah Jesus.  

Lord clarify my thinking so I understand things from your perspective.  Help me desire truth more than I desire popularity or acceptance.  Help me to think more clearly.  Take illusions from me even when they are comforting illusions.  Let me desire reality more than comfort. 

Lord comfort my family and me.  We have suffered a significant and real loss. It was Terry’s ordained time to die but it has changed our worlds.  Help me find the new normal and make the new normal sane, stable, safe, and spiritual.  Give me wisdom in forming the new normal. 

Revive my faith and the faith of my family.  We are an “East of Eden” tribe.  Broken in many ways.  But united as a tribe nevertheless.  Help us find your redemption, healing, and mending  Be greater than our brokenness. Lord have mercy. 

Help me be sane, stable, safe, and spiritual in every relationship and role in my life.  Help us to find a way to lead your ministry to a fruitful future.  Help the people mature in faith and find renewal as well.  Help heal the broken hearted and homes that come to Living Water Counseling.  Lord have mercy on us.  Amen 

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