Friday, September 18, 2015

Lord help me see you!

Lord, of hope, bring me confidence that I am not a hopeless situation. 

Lord of miracles, help me believe you power is greater than the problems I face. 

Lord of truth, help me not love my lies more than your reality.  Lord of love, help me want to love others as much as I desire them to love me. 

Lord, help me see you more clearly, give me a hunger to seek you with greater passion, and allow me to believe you will reward those who seek you with a better vision of your beautiful  glory.  

Lord, encounter those I love with a true and profound revelation of your reality in their lives.  

Lord, also touch those I do not love with your grace and give me a love for those who have hurt and betrayed me.  
Good Shepherd, remember that I am but dust, and so very frail, come an lead me through this dark and difficult travail.   Amen

Son of God, have mercy upon me a sinner.  Amen 

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