Friday, September 25, 2015

Revival Prayer

Lord of life and love, Help me feel your presence around me, in me, over me, under me.  Let your invisible presence be known.  Open me to you being committed to me and in reality never far from me.  

In the circle of my heart, soul, mind, spirit, and strength; grant me a clearer vision of who you are in your goodness, greatness, grace in the wonder of your sacrifice through the Messiah Jesus.  

In the circle of my family now come and increase their faith in you, their love for you, and their hope in your plan for their lives.  

In the circle of First Church West, move us to become a mature community of gospel centered and motivated people who consistently communicate faith and love to others.

In the circle of Living Water Counseling, fill us with the Holy Spirit that we may speak words of great wisdom and comfort to the hurting hearts and homes you bring to us.  Increase the spiritual quality and quantity of our outreach.  

In the circle of our community allow there to be a new hunger and thirst for your word, a new conviction of immorality, and an openness to the gospel of Messiah Jesus.  Take away self-righteousness, self reliance, and self satisfaction.  Make us spiritually poor that we might seek the true bread of heaven.  

In the circle of our nation raise up humble leaders who seek to act wisely and morally in all their decisions.  Let us as a people become less sure of our strength and pragmatic ability to solve problems without you.  Grant a spiritual awakening to take place where we as a nation see our need of you and return to a right understanding of right and wrong.  Save us from self righteous legalism and self indulgent lawlessness.  

In the circle of the Middle East bring the Holy Spirit down in such power that the church will be revived and the true gospel revealed to millions of Muslims and Jews.  Fulfill Isaiah 19:19-25 in this generation.  Show Muhammad to be a false prophet to the followers of Islam and demonstrate to the Jews that Jesus of Nazerath is their true Messiah.  Convert or destroy ISIS that they may not do anymore harm.  

Show to Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who is now called Pope Francis, a deep profound vision of salvation by grace which you showed to the Apostle Paul.  Allow him to accept and promote a clear and true gospel of salvation by grace alone, through Christ alone, thru trust alone in Jesus.  Allow him to become a missionary to the Roman Catholic Church and a witness of God’s powerful grace to all Protestant churches.  

in the circle of the entire visible and universal Church that now exists upon the earth in every nation and tribe, come to us and truly convert us at the deepest levels.  Convince us of the truth of the gospel more deeply so that we will be transformed by your saving power.  Make us people of love and righteousness.  Save us from self-righteousness and pride.   Humble us that we may be exalted.  Do now the impossible among us!  

Lord we trust that you will build your church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.  Grant us boldness to speak and live your gospel before nations.  Thank you for your promise that you who have begun a good work within us will finish it.  Lord have mercy, Messiah/Christ have mercy, Lord have mercy.  Come now King Jesus.  Amen

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