Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Open our eyes that we may worship you!

Lord, help us to see your great competence and good character clearly so that we may worship you in sincerity, integrity, Spirit, and Truth.  Help us to proclaim you as good, great, full of grace, present with us in times of grief, and using all of our grief for gain in Christ Jesus.  This day use our struggles for kingdom success.  Provide us fruitfulness this day and help us avoid frutility in words and deeds.  

Lord send revival, renewal, reformation, and restoration to us.  Lord help us this day to see you working in ways beyond what we could believe.  Help us to be used to accomplish your will on the earth.

Help us in our fears to have courage, in our confusion to have trust in your plans, in our temptation the wisdom to not trust in sin, in our loneliness to sense your presence, and in our pain to experience your comfort.  Lord have mercy upon us now.  Amen

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