Sunday, September 27, 2015

Lord, help us to stop trusting in ourselves to be our own saviors! Amen

Eternal and unique Creator of all things, who is, who was, and who will be.  To you who have all power, all wisdom, and all goodness be honor, praise, adoration, and love.  

Help me to see more clearly who you are so that I will be brought into a state of worship and awe  

Help me to understand your greatest revelation of your heart found in the suffering and death of Messiah Jesus on the cross.  

Provide me insight and help now. Let me see your glory which is the gospel of the Messiah Jesus.   Help me and guide me now that I might better love you and follow you.  

Lord, we find it so hard to humble ourselves or to turn from our wicked ways.  To not trust in our own strength seems counter intuitive to our souls for we are most in touch with our passions and abilities.  Our opportunities we can easily imagine we have created through our cunning.  It is hard for us to see the solutions we have chosen to save us to be wicked.  

You ask us to trust that you know better than we do, what we should do and to really believe that we can do nothing worth doing without your strength.  All of this is very hard for us to believe.  

Lord, send your Holy Spirit now into our hearts and convert us to the truth so that we may believe.  Steal from us our confidence in ourselves and give to us a growing confidence in you.  

Help us see our ways as wicked.  

Help us see your ways as wise.  

Give us the ability to acknowledge the things we have done as wrong and forsake them as a way of winning. 

Give to us a hunger and thirst for doing things right out of the right heart attitude.  Work to change us from the inside out. 

Transform us into those who worship you in Spirit and Truth, with passion and integrity so that you may be seen to be the glorious one which you are.  In that worship transform us into your likeness here upon the earth that your light may fill the world.  Amen

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