Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Keep my mind on the unchanging

Lord, who gives every good gift by abundant grace and mercy, help me this day recognize that I have been given far more than I deserve.  Help me find thankfulness for what I have by telling myself the truth about how little I should have.  

Lord, help me not allow a focus on what I have lost, both profound and mundane, cause me to have anger, frustration, or depression.  Allow me to surrender my loss to you and trust that in some way you will make all my losses be used for good for others and myself.  

Allow me to have realistic expectations about what to expect now living East of Eden.  Help me to think and focus on the noble and great gifts of life you have provided and in that provide me peace.  

Allow me to rejoice today in those things that are eternal and unchanging which can never be lost.  Help me find my stability in these.  Ultimately in YOU.  

Lord of mercy, have compassion and long suffering towards me this day.  Amen 

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