Saturday, September 26, 2015

Take away our illusions! Amen

Eternal one who dwells in my heart.  You who are outside the universe and yet incarnate. Holy one who is filled with compassion.  The one true God creator of all things and friend of Abraham.  Help me be aware of the reality of your presence that I may pray in passion, faith, spirit, and truth.  Open me to your being.  Grant me a faith in you in this moment that is based on experience and knowledge.  Break into this moment of time and let me see that you are indeed with me, over me, under me, behind me, before me, and in me.  Let me experience that I am swimming in your being.  Soaked in your life.  Fill me now with your Spirit.  Messiah Jesus, center me in your love. 

Destroy the illusion of the secular in me.  That thought that things “under the sun” can exist without eternity.  This self dependent lie that puts me at the center of all things as if I was creator and maker of my world.  That dead yet tempting perspective that soaks every atom of the culture in which I live. Help my heart escape from this mirage and grant it a home in YOU as the ultimate reality.  The truth, that without eternity, time does not exist.  I am 100% dependent on YOU, 100% of the time.  That is the reality.  Help me be heavenly minded that I might be of some earthly good. 

Do not just destroy this illusion in me but in my family, friends, enemies, community, culture, nation, and world.  Only by escaping out of this lie can any real spiritual revival come. 

We must believe you really exist and are essential to everything.  Especially we must believe you are essential to us moment by moment and day by day.  True spirituality must destroy the secular perspective and we must see every moment as sacred.

Open our eyes to the reality of you.  Shout loudly that we might hear your voice.  Or perhaps it will be in the still small voice we will be granted hearing.  However, it is done.  This is now our one cry.  Bring us out of darkness and give us light.  Be our light.  Amen 

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