Monday, January 11, 2016

Meditation on Hebrews 2:11-18

Meditation on Hebrews 2:11-18

Lord Jesus, you call me your brother!  You call all of us who are your followers your brothers and sisters!  What grace is this that we would be considered in such close and intimate relationship to you?  We are so broken, I am so broken and yet you are not ashamed to own me as a member of your family.   You have set us apart to be your kin.   We are your children. 

YOU, Lord Jesus, have taken on our flesh and blood so that through your death you might destroy the dark lord who held the power of death and darkness.  You have liberated us from the slavery of the kingdom of fear to your kingdom of faith.   

You have become like us so that we may know that you fully understand our struggle.  You are our HIGH PRIEST so that you can show to us, mercy and by your faithfulness in paying for our sins on the cross have set us free of condemnation.   

LORD Jesus because you have suffered and faced trials you are able to come to help us who are now facing tribulations and struggles fully understanding our situation.  YOU have embraced us and our condition.  

Thank you LORD JESUS, for you are God the Son who has chosen to become the Son of God in the flesh, that we might know the depth and intensity of your desire to be with us and save us.   May you be adored and honored for all eternity for such great love, care, compassion and grace.  Amen

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