Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Prayer based on Psalm 5 & 6

Meditation on Psalm 5 & 6

Lord, give ear to that most troubled part of my heart, soul, and spirit. Pay attention to my desperate cries. In the morning, I come to you in great needs and depending on your blood to be the payment for my sins so that I may come to you boldly. 

Lord, give to me a hatred of wickedness and lack of love within my life. Save me from pride and a false understanding of myself. Keep me from lying to myself and let me put no trust in my anger to force my will upon others. Pull down the strongholds in my heart that tell me lies about YOU, myself, and others. Renew my mind and heart. 

My hope is in your steadfast, faithful, and sacrificial love for me. I come now into your presence and bow before you. Give me a true vision of your greatness, goodness and grace that I might respond with awe, respect, and love towards you. 

Lead me in your ways and protect me from the attacks of the culture around me, my own unbelief still tangled in my soul and the dark lord of lies. Give me clear guidance and make my way straight that I might live a life that is one that follows you. 

Let me not listen to the voices that recommend rebellion against your love and logic. Instead, let me take refuge in you and find joy in your protection and salvation. Be my shield this day from all that makes war against my soul. 

Lord, have grace upon me for I am troubled and need your healing of my heart. 

Turn towards me now Lord in your love and deliver me out of the darkness and struggles of my spirit. Save me because of your steadfast, faithful, and eternal love in Messiah Jesus. 

I am weary from my mourning, tears, and grief. I grow weak. Now today be my comfort and help. Let the enemies of my soul and spirit be defeated. 

Lord, you hear my plea. You accept my prayer. Your victory in the gospel is my victory this day. You stand by my side. You are my hope. 

May you be praised forever.

Send renewal, reformation, and revival to me. Send renewal reformation and revival to us. Lord shake the nations with your love and open up the eyes of the blind and give them sight. Lord have mercy. Amen. 

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