Monday, January 18, 2016

Prayer based on Psalm 25

Prayer based on Psalm 25

LORD, I bring my true self before you. YOU are my ultimate trust and hope. Let me not be cast down in defeat. Help me to continue to rely upon YOU even when my circumstances do not change. Grant me to be loyal to you at all times. 

LORD, help me know the lifestyle you would desire me to have. Good Shepherd, lead me into the right understanding of every aspect of my life. Teach me for you are my Savior. All day I stand before YOU in the hope that you will guide me. LORD, have mercy. 

LORD, treat me in your grace, mercy, and according to your unfailing promises. Do not remember my moral failings and lack of love for the sake of YOUR blood on the cross. LORD, forgive me and love me unconditionally. LORD, I need your undeserved support and help. 

YOU are caring, competent, and compassionate, O' Lord. Those who have strayed YOU bring back. YOU allow those who know they need your instruction and guidance to find the right way. LORD, you keep all your promises and are fully committed to your me. 

LORD, be glorified and honored by pardoning, forgiving, and cleansing me from my moral failures. Give to me a true and right fear of you that I all may be well with my soul. LORD, you have offered your friendship to me, help me now to be a good friend to YOU. Help me escape those things I most fear. 

LORD, turn to me and support me without conditions for I am without true companions and troubles seem large to me at this moment. Consider my struggles and problems and give me strength. Forgive me in the Messiah Jesus and grant to me new hope.

Redeem your people LORD and free them from that which most troubles and hinders them. Come now and revive us. Move in ways beyond any we think we could imagine. 

Lord, have mercy. Amen

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