Monday, January 4, 2016

Meditation on Isaiah 49:1-7

Good Lord, may all the nations and cultures become aware of your plan of redemption, salvation, and restoration of righteousness in the servant Messiah Jesus. You had called him from the womb of Mary to be the powerful weapon that would destroy the plans of the dark lord of evil and bring back Eden, removing the curse. 

As the world sees you, Messiah Jesus, they believe you labored in vain. The unbelieving cultures see you as spending YOUR life for nothing and vanity. Yet the true value of YOUR life of obedience, sacrifice for our sins, resurrection from the dead, ascension to be mediator, and return in final judgment will fully demonstrate that YOU, Messiah Jesus, will bring the glory of God to earth and that your struggle has not been in vain but has brought salvation to the world. 

LORD, you will see all Israel be saved as part of your great plan of salvation, yet even this is not enough for your great love. Not only Israel will see your light but every group of people, tongue, tribe, and culture will be bathed in your revelation and truth. YOU will have those who worship you and know your salvation from every corner of the globe. YOU have promised that the entire Middle East will abandon Muhammad as a true prophet and come in masses to accept YOU as the true final prophet and incarnation of GOD. (Isaiah 19:19-26)

Allow me to see the future that has been promised in every nation, kingdom, and culture will submit to the one they despise today. Every knee, of everyone in power, will fall down before you on their faces fully in submission to you. YOU Jesus will be seen to be what you are; KING of kings and LORD of lords. 

LORD, you are my Redeemer for you came not to be served but to serve and give your life a ransom for many. Thank you for being willing to pay such a great price for my salvation and the deliverance of all your people. Thank you for removing the curse and bringing back the blessing to all nations by your great grace alone. 

Lord, today let me live a life worthy of such good news of such sacrificial love. Grant me more faith that I might grow in my love for you. Amen

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