Thursday, January 21, 2016

Meditation on Psalm 37:1-18

Meditation on Psalm 37:1-18

LORD, I am glad that evil people do not win.  That you assure me that their plans will ultimately fail.   They and their power will fade.

But, I pray that in your mercy you will save some of the evil ones.  Like Saul let them become Paul.  Let those now dedicated to darkness becomes full of light.  Where there is an addiction to lies then let a hunger for truth be born.  Save the unsavable for your glory and their good.  LORD, have mercy where no mercy is deserved.

Help me trust you in the dark.  Help my heart, understand that there is no salvation in sin and only hope in virtue.  Help me take joy in you LORD and allow the desires of my heart to be holy and healthy.

Help my lifestyle, be one that is based on faith in your gospel and your ability to act in mighty ways to save.  Help me have hope that you will use my life for good, even when the path seems blocked and hope seems impossible.

Allow me not to panic when all seems lost.  Help my trust in you remain steadfast and quiet my soul when bad news comes.   Defeat the plans of the dark lord to kill, steal, and destroy.   Destroy the evil plans that would take away life and joy.

Keep me from trusting in my anger to move the obstacles and save me from useless worry.  Help me hope and trust in your promises.  Come and save quickly LORD.

Help me see the darkness defeated and allow the light to rule today!  Hear the cries of your people and have mercy upon mercy today.  Allow the WORD that has been planted to bear fruit this day.

Lord, allow your full victory to come to all nations.  Yet, in your mercy save many.  LORD, those I most love, please save them.  Bring your mercy, grace, compassion, and truth to them.   Lord have mercy.

Lord, bring revival in new and powerful ways to us.  We need you to manifest your glory fo the days are getting darker.  You alone are our hope.  Remember your promises and have super grace now upon us that we may glorify you forever.  Amen

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