Thursday, January 7, 2016

Meditation on Psalm 103

Lord, from the deepest parts of my heart, let me appreciate and be in awe of your goodness, greatness, and grace. 

Lord, let me remember and rely on YOU being who you are in all your attributes and abilities. Let me not forget that you are the giver of every good aspect of my life. 

YOU have forgiven my sins at infinite cost on the cross and healed me of the moral cancer of unbelief in my soul. Every illness I have recovered from it has been YOU who has allowed my recovery and continued my life. LORD, you are the giver of life to me physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. 

You have redeemed me from deserved hell fire, and in your faithful covenant love have in a totally free manner granted that I might be one of your royal children. When I die, I will be born anew in your kingdom forever. 

Lord, watch over those oppressed. The victims of human trafficking, the unborn threatened by abortion, and the exploited poor who are denied fair wages for their labor. Lord work through us to set things right and bring justice to these wounds upon our society. 

I praise you for your grace and patience with our disobedience and unbelief, offering day after day, time to believe and repent. Thank you for treating us as our moral failures and lack of love deserve. Instead, you committed yourself to providing a dependable and merciful love to us in YOUR sacrifice for our sins, resurrection from the dead, and intercession before the throne of God. YOUR love for us is infinite and without end. 

YOU have completely and totally removed the just condemnation of our moral evil and disobedience from us. YOU know we are just dust and so very frail, as a Good Shepherd you lead us through this hard life of travail. LORD, continue to have compassion upon us day by day, for aside from that passionate caring we would perish. 

We are small and finite, but your are from everlasting to everlasting and consistently love us from all eternity. Help us respond to your love with love for you. Grant us a heart of worship, respect, honor, and adoration. Capture our hearts and help us to see you as our KING, who rules over all. 

Fill the heaven and the earth with a revelation and rejoicing in how great YOU are LORD. Let the universe and the heavens above be filled with the praise of your competence, compassion, and character. Fill us with your HOLY SPIRT, that we may now worship you with passion, integrity, and truth. Amen

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