Thursday, January 14, 2016

Prayer based on Psalm 18:1-20

Prayer based on Psalm 18:1-20

Lord, you are my strength. Help me to make you the ultimate concern of my life and love. 

Lord, you are my safe and secure refuge during every attack. You save me from the worst consequences of my sins and the deadly plots planned for my destruction by the dark lord of lies. 

In YOU, I have protection and peace. 

When I cry to YOU, the one perfect in character, compassion, and competence, you keep me safe from the world, the flesh, and the devil. 

Lord, the circumstances encompassed me with a loss of everything, they assailed me with defeats, I became entangled in insanity, and felt trapped, confronted with sure destruction on every side. 

In all of this, I cried to you in desperation and you heard my voice. YOU are my HELPER!

You rescue me, day from day. The enemies of my soul are kept from reaching their goal. That which is stronger than me and would overcome me, you defeat moment my moment. YOU have unconditionally decided to delight in me due to your perfect sacrifice for my sins. 

Lord, let me live a life worthy of your love and allow my hands to be clean from evil. Allow me to trust you in the dark and reflect your righteousness with compassion towards all. Amen

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