Saturday, October 3, 2015

Father help us!

Father of love and commitment to save us.  Help me sense your love in the middle of my struggle and pain.  Let me be aware of your presence in the midst of my losing my peace.  Show me now the way when I feel so lost.  Father of perfection come now and encourage my heart in the midst of all these battles. 

Lord you have allowed a third of the planet to believe in your triune nature, that Messiah Jesus is God in the flesh, and in HIS resurrection from the dead.  Come to this visible expression of your essential truths and reform, revive, renew, and redirect us to see you more clearly, love you more dearly, and follow you more nearly, this day.  Lord we need fresh wind and fresh fire.  Give us true faith in your gospel of grace in Messiah Jesus.  Regenerate us and make us the true church in this generation.  Visit us with your glory. 

Lord, take from ISIS their power.  Defeat them on the battle field and take from them their financial resources.  End their reign of terror.  Bring the gospel to them in power and give them the gift of faith.  Convert them wildly to your gospel.  

Raise up leaders of true competence and character to lead us in the Church, business, and civil government.  Give us leaders we do not deserve who can lead us by doing the right thing first.  Lord have mercy and keep us from fools as leaders. 

Lord, help me believe more and forgive my unbelief.  Help me trust more and forgive my lack of trust.  Help me love more and forgive my lack of love.  Help me hope more and forgive my lack of hope.  Lord come and make of me what I ought to be.  Amen 

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